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  1. SteveUK

    Is 2022 planning possible?

    Long-time member, not posted for a while. But when I needed to ask some unanswerable questions and wanted some informed speculation, there was only one place to go! I've been trying to plan a trip from the UK for a while (to be first for 12yr old, and 6yr old), and I think we would all agree...
  2. SteveUK

    International Shipping Advice

    Hi All; Been a member for many years, but haven't posted much recently. I was disappointed to hear about the Around the World brick removal. My grandparents had one, and are no longer with us, so I was keen to get a replica. I sent an email and was given a code, but on trying to order, I've...
  3. SteveUK

    UK/US Free Dining questions

    Just hoping a resident expert can help explain or clarify something for me? I understand the release of dates and availability varies between free dining being offered in the US and the UK. However, is it correct that bookings from the US receive a free dining plan in Value resorts, whereas UK...
  4. SteveUK

    Drug Issues

    Does anybody know where I can access a list of drugs/substances that are allowed in the US? I have IBS and take a variety of supplements and understand that in many countries, some substances and complementary medicines are permitted, whilst others are not. I do not want to arrive with any...
  5. SteveUK

    Dining Plan and Menus

    Are there any limitations placed on what you can order using the dining plan? Are there certain items on the menu excluded? It just seems odd that I could order a burger, or a steak for twice the price, but they effectively cost the same (ie. 1 credit). Am I missing something?
  6. SteveUK

    Doing something 'a little different'

    We are going to stay at POFQ for 18 nights in September visiting from the UK. This will be my 7th trip (I think) and my partner's 5th; the first time with our little one (18 months). We also have my mother coming for easy babysitting options! I was just wondering about something we could do...
  7. SteveUK

    Travel Insurance

    Hi; I've never paid too much attention to travel insurance on previous trips. I have a premier account with my bank, which apparently includes free travel insurance, which I have always assumed is sufficient on previous trips. However, this time we are travelling with the little one...
  8. SteveUK

    Anyone used Air France?

    I have always flown from the UK, usually with Virgin. However, in September I am flying to Paris, then flying Paris-Orlando with Air France in business class. We will have a toddler (18mth old) with us, so I'm a bit concerned about the flight. I've never flown Air France before, and wondered...
  9. SteveUK

    Travelling with Toddler - Car Seats?

    We are staying at FQ in Sept with the little one. He will be about 19 months by then. We won't have a car, but would like to go other places; Universal, Sea World etc. In the past we have just used a taxi or Mears, but I'm wondering what we do now we have the little one, because he would need a...
  10. SteveUK

    Sept vs Oct

    Need some advice, and can't think of a better place to ask! We've got a trip booked for last two weeks in October with friends. Travelling from the UK. Staying 14 nights at French Quarter. We have a toddler who will be 20mth old at that time. I have just found out my mother and her partner...
  11. SteveUK

    Skydiving in Florida

    I'm staying at OKW from 15-24th November. I would like to do at least one skydive while I am there. Does anybody know where I can do this? I won't have a car, so would need somewhere quite close (within taxi distance). Thanks;
  12. SteveUK

    Surprise Trip - Good Idea?

    I just booked a surprise trip for my girlfriend's birthday in November. It is her birthday on the friday, and we fly out on the sunday morning. We will be staying for 9 nights at Old Key West. I'm planning to tell her on her birthday so she has a day to pack and get things sorted before we...
  13. SteveUK

    UK vs US Camera Prices

    Hi everybody; I'm off to WDW next weekend, and have decided I want a new digital camera. I don't want anything special or expensive, but was wondering whether I should buy one in the UK before travelling, or if it would be cheaper to wait and buy one in the US? I would probably only want to...
  14. SteveUK

    Broken Memory Card - Help!

    Help!!! - Please somebody, I know some of you experts can help me; I have just got back from my two week trip and am trying to transfer my photos from my olympus camera with xd memory card. When I open the folder in My Computer, it shows complete thumbnails for each picture, but when I try to...
  15. SteveUK

    Rare moment of sincerity

    I've just been packing my suitcase for my 2 week trip starting this weekend, and as I was sorting out what I would need, I started to think how self-absorbed I had become. Here I am worrying about how many shirts I would need, how many pairs of shoes I should pack etc. I couldn't help stopping...
  16. SteveUK

    Both parks - one day?

    I don't want to do everything in IOA, but would like to do one or two rides and look around. Is it possible to see both parks in one day? If the crowd thing is an issue - I will be there during the first two weeks of May.
  17. SteveUK

    Dining Plan Query

    I am going with family in early May. The flights, hotel and tickets have all been booked and paid for. I wasn't involved in planning the details. I have been looking at the dining plan, and it seems a good deal. My question is - if it wasn't part of the original booking, is there any way I...
  18. SteveUK

    Rehabs - How far in advance?

    I am trying to organise a trip for the first 2 weeks of May. How far in advance are rehabs published? I can't see anything major for around this time, but am unsure whether this means there is nothing planned - or just not announced yet? Also, is last week of April/first two weeks of May a...
  19. SteveUK

    Not a bad day really

    I was getting a bit tired of hearing about today being an 'evil' day and emails telling me the world was going to end today (why do people send those emails? do they expect us to reply and say 'well done, you were right'?) I've actually had quite a good day. I got the results from the...
  20. SteveUK

    WDW Monopoly

    This might apply to UK readers only, but any thoughts from anybody would be helpful. It is my girlfriends birthday in a couple of weeks and she won't tell me what she wants. I remember last time we were in WDW she wanted the Disney Monopoly game that comes in a tin. Does anybody know if this...
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