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  1. Polydweller

    Where to post Disney actor obits

    A couple of days ago Brian Bedford who voiced Robin Hood in the 1973 film died. I couldn't see an appropriate forum for this. Is there on that can be used for that kind of info?
  2. Polydweller

    State of Tahiti Building

    The garden view, south side is fine. There are no fences up on that side and it would feel exactly as it was before. The rooms have not been updated though. The lagoon side is another story. There is green fencing along the entire lagoon side which completely blocks the first floor view and...
  3. Polydweller

    First Casualty of Poly DVC construction: Electric Water Pageant

    As many know, the water pageant comes on two sets of barges that span the entire front of the Poly. Except now the construction forces the first barges to turn north before Sunset Point. As they do they turn off their lights so only the second four barges complete the show. So the Poly only gets...
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