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  1. wdwmomof3

    Magic Bands and Dining plan question.

    I am reading conflicting information about the dining plan and the bands. Will I or will I not need a PIN number for my band. Right now I do not have it set up to use a credit card for charging and I want to keep it that way because we pay cash for everything. I have read that I need a pin...
  2. wdwmomof3

    Problem making a change to fast pass plus

    Question about fast pass plus. I went in and tried to modify a fast pass attraction but it wouldn't let me pick another attraction from the list. It let me change the time but not the attraction. Does this mean they are out or could the system just be down?
  3. wdwmomof3

    Question about MK ticket

    I have a one day magic Kingdom ticket and I was wondering if this ticket could be used at another park? I didn't know Disney had made that change.
  4. wdwmomof3

    Would you try it?

    I have to move an ADR around for Via Napoli and the only thing I could find is an ADR for 2 right now, but I need it for 4 people. Its not until Nov. 29th and I will continue to check every day for a lunch or dinner for 4, but if nothing opens up would you try to go anyway and see what happens...
  5. wdwmomof3

    Ticket Question

    We are going to Disney World the week of Thanksgiving and my daughter is going to be in the parade that Thursday. We check in on the Saturday before and I have tickets for all of us for the full week. With the All American Cheer package that she gets (paid for through them) includes a one day...
  6. wdwmomof3

    Closed for Refurb.... List?

    Is there a list somewhere for the closings? I'm looking for the week of Thanksgiving.
  7. wdwmomof3

    Any opening dates yet for...

    The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and the Little Mermaid attraction? I can't find anything?
  8. wdwmomof3

    Second Guessing Myself!

    We are booked for the week of Thanksgiving from Sunday - Sunday. We normally always do a Friday- Sunday but this time we cant due to DD's cheer competition that Saturday. It's also going to be a longer drive for us to get there so we may not even arrive until lunch that Sunday. This is fine for...
  9. wdwmomof3

    Help! Park time guide for today

    I know that there is a website that has the Daily time guide for each park, like character and show times, but I can't find it, and I have it saved at home but I am on iPad. Best friend is at Disney and needs advice. Please help!!:)
  10. wdwmomof3

    Help finding the website for

    park hours and detailed weekly show and parade times for all parks. I had this saved on our old computer but sadly it's gone. Anyone know what I'm talking about? It was not here on wdwmagic, it was someplace else. I feel so:hammer: Thank's!! Carla
  11. wdwmomof3

    Help with Alice in Wonderland wii game

    Is anyone else playing this? DD is stuck and can't beat the big beast thing. This game is hard!:lol:
  12. wdwmomof3

    Preferred rooms at Port Orleans Riverside

    Is anyone disappointed that they are now charging for Preferred rooms at POR?:confused: There used to just be a charge for water view, now in order to be close to the food court and bus stops you have to get a preferred room. Don't get me wrong, it's worth the money, I'm just sad that they...
  13. wdwmomof3

    Reviews of the International Dinner & Illuminations Dessert Reception

    Can some one help me with this? I have not been able to find may reviews at all and I am seriously considering doing this in May when my entire family goes to Disney for DD's graduation trip. I know it's a Grand Gathering event, but is it worth 2 table service credits?
  14. wdwmomof3

    Oh the OUTRAGE! What the heck is this?

    My DD came to me today and asked me to pull this site up to see what they were saying about the characters in Disney movies. Have you seen this? I have never seen anything like it, and I have never, EVER thought anything like this about them before. This could have been posted before, but I was...
  15. wdwmomof3

    HELP!! Hacker on my DD's Facebook.

    HELP!! Hacker on my DD's Facebook/computer We had a problem the other night where someone got onto my DD's facebook and was talking to some of her friends. We really thought that it was another friend who knew her information. Well, we changed the email address and password that night and today...
  16. wdwmomof3

    After all of the stress.... SHE MADE IT!!!!!!

    My DD has been working for two years to get to this point. We have spent so much time at the gym and this past week was awful. We were there every night until 10:00 working on the dance & cheer as well as all of her tumbling. It was so worth it because SHE MADE IT!! She is now a Middle School...
  17. wdwmomof3

    Disney may be after us....

    Have you read this?
  18. wdwmomof3

    What would you do?

    We are planning a vacation to Disney for next Dec. & I am now trying to find a place to book. We have a couple of choices. Will you help me choose? I had planned on POR and pray that thet offer free dining again but then I saw the reviews for Bonnet Creek and it looks amazing. It would also be...
  19. wdwmomof3

    WWYD, go before or after Thanksgiving?

    I am having a hard time deciding when to go to Disney for our Christmas break. Please help me.
  20. wdwmomof3

    Is this the first year that they have offered free dining in December?

    We are thinking about going next year before Christmas and need to know if this is something to watch out for, or is this something that was only done this year?:shrug:
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