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    Wilderness Lodge (transportation)

    Thank you so much nbar! We really appreciate you taking the time out to help us out while your on vacation. . Now we can go over with no worries. Thanks again.:):)

    Wilderness Lodge (transportation)

    Thank you so much I really appreciate that. We will be leaving a few days after Thanksgiving. That would help ease the stress.

    Hiking trails around resorts

    I thought they closed the trail between FW and WL because of the construction? I loved the old walk between the 2. If there is a new one..where is it exactly?

    Wilderness Lodge (transportation)

    Just for the heck of it I called back to Wilderness Campgrounds and then the Wilderness Lodge. The campground Guest Service lady told me no there is no bus. The Wilderness Lodge lady said adamantly that there is a bus between the two resorts. So we're going with ABQ and the Wilderness Lodge GS...

    Wilderness Lodge (transportation)

    Thanks ABQ and Nicky's for the info. The thing is we don't want to be stuck at the Lodge and not be able to get over to pick up the golf cart. Is there a way you can directly call Wilderness Lodge or the campgrounds? For the life of me I can't fine any numbers but I may just not know where to look.

    Wilderness Lodge (transportation)

    I just chatted with another CM who said there was no bus service between the 2 resorts. So are you saying that there is a bus that only goes from Ft Wilderness to Wilderness Lodge? I knew there were no boats running. We just cancelled our lunch reservations because we have a golf cart reserved...

    Wilderness Lodge (transportation)

    Just got off the phone (after 1 hr and 15 min) and the CM said that they now have bus transportation specifically for Ft. Wilderness between the 2 resorts. Has anyone used it and do you know how often it runs? Thanks

    Need help with Digital Check-In

    Thank you for your response. I did email Wine Bar George yesterday thinking there is no way I'm going to hear back. Well, I received a very nice email from them today explaining their procedure. I'm embarrassed to say that a preschooler could have figured this out but I can't thank them enough...

    Need help with Digital Check-In

    First let me say that I am probably the most "technically challenged" person on these boards. I need some help with help on how to do mobile digital check-in. We have lunch reservations in a few weeks at Wine Bar George but couldn't get a decent time thru the Disney app. so we booked on Open...
  10. DWFEVR

    Disney Gift Cards in Disney Springs

    Wasn't sure where to post this. We're planning on purchasing a Disney Gift Card for our upcoming staycation. I know you can use the Gift Card in a Disney owned shop but what about restaurants or the other free standing places? Since everyone is going cash less it would be easier to use to buy a...
  11. DWFEVR

    Wilderness Lodge and Ft. Wilderness Campgrounds

    Is it still possible to get to the Wilderness Lodge if you're staying at the campgrounds? It use to be you could actually walk between the two but then they started the construction and closed the connection between the two . Now that they have cancelled the construction have they reopened the...
  12. DWFEVR

    Hotel Hopping

    I know I have seen this subject in this forum before but I can't find it again. We are going to be over in the area in December. Unfortunately we aren't staying on site but if you go to Disney Springs can you still get on a bus to the various hotels? I saw on another site that some people have...
  13. DWFEVR

    New Flex Passes for Floridians

    We just saw the new Flex pass options for Floridians but I have a question and don't feel like calling Disney. So, if you get a 3 day pass (we know that can't be used on consecutive days) but could you use them, lets say, 2 days for Epcot and 1 at the Kingdom or do they have to be used for 3...
  14. DWFEVR

    moving between resorts

    Thanks Epcotfan21. Do you exactly where at it by the Cirque area? Like I said, we're new to this (hard to believe o_O) This is the first time we're visiting parks without staying on Disney property. Uber would be a big help without having to wait for buses.
  15. DWFEVR

    moving between resorts

    Great idea for Uber...however we are Uber "newbies". If you park in DS I've heard there is a parking lot that is specific for Uber pick up/drop offs in the northwest corner? Could you also park at DS and Uber to one of the parks? Thanks for any help you can offer.
  16. DWFEVR

    Artist Point Snow White meal - How long was your meal?

    Thank you so much for your response. Describing everything that took placed helped us answer that question. We will look into something else. Too bad, because we always liked Artist Point. It's sad that they had to go to characters.
  17. DWFEVR

    Paddlefish at Disney Springs

    Just Google Paddlefish at Disney and you can bring up their website. It shows all their menus.
  18. DWFEVR

    Artist Point Snow White meal - How long was your meal?

    We recently looked at their menu and were impressed. Two questions though: 1. Has anyone ever gone to this that doesn't have kids? 2. Is it dinner with a show or just a dinner with the characters walking around? Thanks in advance.
  19. DWFEVR

    Animal Kingdom Lounge

    Has anyone ever tried the Nomad lounge? I think it's the lounge connected to Tiffin's. We were looking for something different to try while we are visiting in December.:hungry: Thanks
  20. DWFEVR

    Artist Point-Wilderness Lodge

    We are planning a trip in the Spring and saw that the Artist Point is now a character dinner. The food pictures look interesting but it's hard to imagine serving it with characters. Has anyone gone recently (without any children)? Have they changed the dress code to what everyone has...
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