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    Epcot Festival of the Arts 2021?

    Does anyone believe this is going to happen? I'm desperate for a festival. I'm guessing that the Flower and Garden Festival is more of sure bet, however, the timing of that festival doesn't align all that well with my time off.
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    March 2021???

    I've gone to DisneyWorld (in large part due to the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival) in either October or November each year, for the last 22 years. I hate to miss it this year, but between having to wear masks (heat), no park hopping, etc., I'm not sure that this year's trip would...
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    Food and Wine Festival

    Has anyone gotten a peek at the menus for this year's festival...or any word as to when we will get a look? I'm hoping we don't have to wait until opening day.
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    Rainforest Cafe - Disney Springs?

    I know I'm in the minorty...I love this restaurant. Does anyone know anything about its reopening? More specifically, if it is going to? Yak and Yeti is reopening, so I suppose that's good, but I've heard nothing so far about The Rainforest Cafe. Anyone?
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    Any news/updates on the Food and Wine Festival?

    No announcements so far (good or bad) or at least that I've seen.. Does anyone know anything yet? I've checked out a few of the already booked Eat to the Beat bands, and most of them still list Epcot on their list of upcoming tour dates on their individual sites. Good news, I suppose???
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    Food And Wine Festival 2020

    Is there anyone with any knowledge as to whether this is likely to happen this year? I've been to the festival for 20 years straight, I can't imagine a trip without it.
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    My fear

    Every year, I buy plane tickets to Orlando in order to avoid a 16 hour drive. Every year, as my trip date draws closer, I talk myself out of flying, and into driving. It's not the fear of flying. It's the fear of getting sick (cold/flu), having been on a plane, sitting by strangers, during flu...
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    Festival Center???

    Does anyone have any idea, now that the Wonders of Life Pavilion has been roped off for construction, where is the Food and Wine/Flower and Garden Festival Center going to be located?
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    What to expect in March 2019

    I've visited Walt Disney World every year since 1998, always in October. Over the last few years, it seems as though the crowds, and the humidity, have increased tenfold. I'm thinking about changing things up this year and moving my vacation time to March. I'm planning my trip around the first...
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    Epcot International Food & Wine Festival 2018 - Global Marketplaces???

    Does anyone have any inside knowledge as to when the marketplace menus are going to be made public? In each of the last two years, they were already revealed by this time of year. Waiting is driving me insane!!!
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