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    AKL Kidani Village ehh :(

    So just finished my first stay at AKL Kidani Village. Didn’t know to ask for a Sunset Savannah room so we got a back room overlooking some deers, mules & pigs. Lol This was for my 50th bday - management doesn’t really seem to know what the left hand is doing vs the right hand. Sanaa was great...
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    DAST pass

    Taking my two elderly parents to WDW this week to celebrate my birthday. My dad has problems with his knees but he’s a retired Captain in the Navy & will refuse a scooter or wheel chair but I’m worried about him standing in line for long. I’ve heard about a DAST pass but not sure if he would...
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    Annual passes in 2021.

    If this has been addressed and I missed the answer - I apologize.... but does anyone know what happens to our APs once they expire in 2021? I have a FL AP that ends 2021. I’m going Jan 12-16 for my 50th Birthday. Is that going to be the LAST time I go with my AP? It expires Feb 22,2021. LOL Was...
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    Skippers vs California G vs Wave

    So my 50th birthday is coming up & I will be at the MK for that day. I got a reservation for Skippers thinking I’d spend my 50th bday dinner there with my parents. But, I see that I could get a reservation for either CG or Wave. I’ve never been to either, heard good & bad things about CG, and...
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    Park hopping options? What???

    OK, so I’m in the process of purchasing tickets for some family members who are coming in from out of town for January 2021. When I went to purchase the tickets I see that there is a park hopper option to upgrade your tickets. Now I am a Florida annual passholder and I know that park hopping is...
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    Kidani village & 50th birthday

    Hi all! My 50th birthday is coming up in January & I want to stay at a nice resort with my parents who will be joining me. I’ve never stayed at Kidani Village lodge or the Contemporary. I’ve looked into both but Cont has no atrium rooms available unfortunately, but Ive always wanted to stay at...
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    Can you leave the park & come back?

    If you’re in a resort & have a park reservation, are you allowed to leave the park for a bit & come back? sorry if this has been addressed already but I haven’t been on the site for awhile. Just asking. 😊
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    MDE app crashing

    Hi frustrated here. My MDE app on my phone seems to close me out of my app & then when I go to sign in, it constantly says something went wrong & try again later. Got an iPhone. Not sure if it’s MY phone causing this OR they’re just busy on the app itself changing things during this time of...
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    June 1st reservations & just not sure

    Hi everyone - AP holder here, in the Medical field & have reservations for WDW from June 12 -15th to finally see the Villians Afterhours & just spend a weekend get away for myself that I do in the summer. I have this suspicion that they are not going to really open the parks due to Covid in FL...
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    What time DOES the Skyliner close??

    I am sorry if this has been mentioned in previous posts. But I have looked all over to try to find out a time when the skyliner actually closes. Here’s the situation: Being an AP holder my family from the north thinks I’m at Disney expert. LOL. We’re planning to go to Hollywood studios...
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    Poor Figment

    Currently on Imagination & we’re stuck Going to be walked off. It’s a cute ride - too bad WDW doesn’t put more work into it.... I feel bad for Figment cute character but not sure how much longer he has in WDW...
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    HS never to be the same?

    Ok this is just me pondering last night after a glass of wine. Although it’s exciting that GE is opening (I guess?) but I started to realize that HS will most likely never be the same. I always enjoyed the “quaintness” of the boulevards, the old Hollywood feel & music, and the fact that...
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    Not So Scary Halloween Dessert Party

    Going to the Halloween party for the first time in Sept. I was wondering if the dessert party was really something to do/look into? I heard it’s good view for the fireworks, but do you all think we’d see the projections on the Castle at the same time? Aren’t there a lot of trees in front of the...
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    WDW Galaxy Edge - gotta get this off my chest!

    Ok I’ve been watching the live feeds & such of GE from Disneyland - but I SO have to get this off my chest! Everyone says it so great, it’s so immersive, they’ve so enjoyed it. However, why do I feel that our GE is going to be TOO crowded, super long lines to the point where we here on the East...
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    Magic band question from a novice lol

    Ok so I just became an annual pass member last week so I’m still figuring some things out esp about the magic bands. Have a BFF who has NEVER been to WDW in her life - when she visits next she wants to go up for the day. So the ? Is: since I’m AP holder, got 2 bands linked to my account - she...
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