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    Wilderness Lodge (transportation)

    Just got off the phone (after 1 hr and 15 min) and the CM said that they now have bus transportation specifically for Ft. Wilderness between the 2 resorts. Has anyone used it and do you know how often it runs? Thanks

    Need help with Digital Check-In

    First let me say that I am probably the most "technically challenged" person on these boards. I need some help with help on how to do mobile digital check-in. We have lunch reservations in a few weeks at Wine Bar George but couldn't get a decent time thru the Disney app. so we booked on Open...

    Disney Gift Cards in Disney Springs

    Wasn't sure where to post this. We're planning on purchasing a Disney Gift Card for our upcoming staycation. I know you can use the Gift Card in a Disney owned shop but what about restaurants or the other free standing places? Since everyone is going cash less it would be easier to use to buy a...

    Wilderness Lodge and Ft. Wilderness Campgrounds

    Is it still possible to get to the Wilderness Lodge if you're staying at the campgrounds? It use to be you could actually walk between the two but then they started the construction and closed the connection between the two . Now that they have cancelled the construction have they reopened the...

    Hotel Hopping

    I know I have seen this subject in this forum before but I can't find it again. We are going to be over in the area in December. Unfortunately we aren't staying on site but if you go to Disney Springs can you still get on a bus to the various hotels? I saw on another site that some people have...

    New Flex Passes for Floridians

    We just saw the new Flex pass options for Floridians but I have a question and don't feel like calling Disney. So, if you get a 3 day pass (we know that can't be used on consecutive days) but could you use them, lets say, 2 days for Epcot and 1 at the Kingdom or do they have to be used for 3...

    Animal Kingdom Lounge

    Has anyone ever tried the Nomad lounge? I think it's the lounge connected to Tiffin's. We were looking for something different to try while we are visiting in December.:hungry: Thanks

    Artist Point-Wilderness Lodge

    We are planning a trip in the Spring and saw that the Artist Point is now a character dinner. The food pictures look interesting but it's hard to imagine serving it with characters. Has anyone gone recently (without any children)? Have they changed the dress code to what everyone has...

    Dining Reservations and Magic Band

    This is the first time in ages we aren't staying on Disney Property but we have reservations at Wilderness Lodge for dinner one night. Even though we aren't staying on site may we still link our reservations to a magic band that is still active? We also aren't going into any of the parks....just...
  10. DWFEVR

    Ticket Brain Lapse

    This is embarrassing to ask, but I've been a pass holder for so long I couldn't answer a friends question about an upcoming trip. Her sister is coming down for a few days - staying on site. They are buying tickets (thru Disney) for The Kingdom (not sure how many days). I know they can link them...
  11. DWFEVR

    Raglan Road & Homecoming-Fla.......

    We're going back to Disney Springs in a few weeks. Just curious....what's everyone's opinion of Raglan Road (made reservations)? And..does anyone know when Homecoming...Florida Kitchen... is set to open? I keep seeing in July but no "date". Thanks for any input.:hungry:
  12. DWFEVR

    OKW Building Request

    We are going to be staying at OKW in the next few months. I've done on-line check in countless times but I'm stuck on this. How or where in the process can you request a certain building? We'd like to stay in Bldgs 45 or 46. When you complete on-line check in all you can just request are certain...
  13. DWFEVR

    Ft. Wilderness Renovations

    Finally got around to downloading some pictures (hope this works). We were there the 2nd week in March and the only loops remaining were 2700 & 2500. The 2700 loop looked almost completed. In case anyone was wondering the microwave/convection oven measures approx. 20 length x 12 width.
  14. DWFEVR

    ESPN Center Visit

    We are going to be at Disney next month and on one of the days we are there I believe there is a Spring training game. We've never been to the ESPN center but were wondering....if you don't have "tickets" can you still go and walk around? Is there anything to see or places to eat? I'm assuming...
  15. DWFEVR

    Whispering Canyon Breakfast

    We are going to be at the Kingdom in a few months. We were planning on having breakfast at the Whispering Canyon? May you order off a menu or is a buffet style? We'd rather order off a menu. Thanks o_O
  16. DWFEVR

    Ft. Wilderness Cabin Stay Horror

    This was our fourth time staying at FW cabins and loved them every time...except this one. When we checked in we were given a renovated cabin in the 2600 loop. It was very nice compared to the older version. We were the last cabin towards the exit of the loop. The first night we thought it was...
  17. DWFEVR

    Candlelight Procession

    This is our first year visiting Disney at Christmas. We wanted to do the Candlelight Procession package where dinner is included. Does anyone know when they come out with a schedule? Is it 7 days a week or only on weekends? We can start making dining reservations in 2 weeks and are trying to get...
  18. DWFEVR

    Direct to Room Check In

    Do ALL the resorts now have direct to room check in? :)
  19. DWFEVR

    Golf Cart Rental at Ft. Wilderness

    Has anyone rented a golf card at Ft. Wilderness lately? We made reservations for our stay in Oct. & Dec. and were told we'd be charged when we check - which seemed totally different from last fall. When we stay in 2014 we were charged 24 hours "before" we arrived. When I contacted Disney (2...
  20. DWFEVR

    African Trek in Animal Kingdom

    We are signed up for the morning African Trek on our upcoming trip. Has anyone ever done this trek? From what I've read it last about 3 hours. Odd you get a "pit stop"? I know they offer snacks. Thanks
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