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  1. RauVan

    I'm releasing my sci fi and 50s dinner reservations Friday December 11th

    Hiya, we are giving up going to HS on Friday December 11th and going to animal kingdom instead. I worked hard (go it up at 3am LoL) to get reservations for sci fi at 1120am and 50s dinner at 640pm. Just wondering if someone that's been pinning for them wants to know when I cancel mine so they...
  2. RauVan

    If I cancel my resort reservation will I be able to keep my ADR?

    Hiya, I have a reservation through WDW for 6 nights at Carribean beach resort with 4 day park tickets and have already made my dining reservations. There have been some really good deals on DVC properties for the same days and I'm thinking about changing to a DVC property through an online site...
  3. RauVan

    Pre-Trip I'm booked! Now let's see if it really happens (I'll cross everything even my eyes if I have to)

    Hello, this is my first post, first pre-trip, first trip report, and...first trip to WDW. Many things may get in the way of this trip including the fact that my husband won't know for sure if he is approved for time off until early November. Also 2020. Also everything we seem to get hope up...
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