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  1. Epcotfan21

    Rose and Crown Beer Cart question

    So normally we head inside the bar to get a Golden Imperial (aka Carl's Combo), which is a half Bass, half Harp pint, but I just realized something... Usually if the inside bar is busy, we bypass UK entirely, but I noticed that the beer cart sells Bass and Harp. Does anyone know if they'll...
  2. Epcotfan21

    Waldorf Orlando Resort

    We'll be staying here for the first time when we head up for our annual F&W trip. Unfortunately our usual spot of Swan/Dolphin was booked and the other Epcot Resort prices were ridiculously expensive, so we're going to give this a try. Anyone have any tips/advice/reviews? I know it's fairly...
  3. Epcotfan21

    Any tips or suggestions for Coronado Springs?

    My wife and I normally stay at Epcot area resorts and had to cancel a trip at the Swan two weeks ago because of a family emergency. Unfortunately, the Swan/Dolphin are completely booked for next weekend and the rates for Beach, Yacht or Boardwalk are much higher than we'd like to spend. We've...
  4. Epcotfan21

    Tell me about Victoria and Albert's

    Starting to look ahead to our anniversary in July and would be coming up on the 180 day mark in a couple weeks, so I was hoping anyone could give me some insight. I know the chef's table is extremely hard to get, but what's the difference between the main room and the Queen's room? If I have...
  5. Epcotfan21

    Florida Seasonal Pass + Magic Band?

    Question that I'm unsure of. I went ahead and purchased my wife's Florida resident seasonal pass (or Silver pass as they're now calling it) online and received the e-confirmation. I also previously had purchased a magic band, as she didn't want to wait till after the trip in order to receive the...
  6. Epcotfan21

    Halloween activities at the Resorts/DTD?

    Going to be arriving on Halloween and was wondering if anyone knew of any must do activities outside of attending Not So Scary at MK. Any resorts do anything special or will DTD have anything going on? We'll have 4 kids in our group ranging from 1-6 years old and staying at the Swan.
  7. Epcotfan21

    Hibachi at Teppan Edo

    Since the restaurant is broken up between regular tables and hibachi tables, is it possible to make a reservation for a hibachi table in advance? Or can you only request it the day of your reservation? The Disney reservations rep I spoke with swore up and down you can't reserve an hibachi table...
  8. Epcotfan21

    Tomorrowland Terrace?

    Anyone know what the deal is with this place? Is it ever open? At first I thought it might be open only during seasonal/peak times, but I can't remember ever seeing this quick service restaurant open.
  9. Epcotfan21

    Going to Universal/IOA this weekend

    Hey guys, It's been about 12+ years, but the wife and I are finally going to leave Walt and the gang behind for a bit and head over to see Harry and the rest of the crew at Universal/IOA. Since it's been a while, I was hoping some of you can give me the best tips on how to attack both parks...
  10. Epcotfan21

    Anyone been lucky enough to walk in to Le Cellier with no ADR...

    And be seated? The odds of this happening have to be like winning the powerball, right? Really curious to know if this even happens.
  11. Epcotfan21

    Any restaurants serve mimosas for breakfast/brunch?

    So the wife is all about having a glass or two of mimosas during breakfast/brunch and I was wondering which restaurants onsite, if any, serve them?
  12. Epcotfan21

    Eating options at SSR?

    Tried looking directly at, but didn't really go into get detail. Can anyone give me a rundown of what our food choices are at Saratoga Springs? Staying there in a two bedroom villa for 2 nights in a couple weeks and never been before. Thanks.
  13. Epcotfan21

    For those that like staying at the Swan and Dolphin...

    Starwood is doing a pre Cyber Monday deal for Starwood members starting today and then will be doing a regular Cyber Monday deal for everyone else on 11/27. They're offering 50% off every other night on suites and upgraded rooms or 15-35% off on standard rooms. Deal is good from Dec 1 - April...
  14. Epcotfan21

    Adding points question

    Sorry guys, I tried researching this on the net with no luck, so I figured this was probably the next best place to start. Family friends of ours are DVC members and have 220 points a year at SSR. We're playing an early 2011 family vacation in January and inquired through them about possibly...
  15. Epcotfan21

    Question about Florida Resident Annual Passes

    So our Florida resident annual passes are getting ready to expire and instead of forking out around $750 to renew at this time, we're thinking about letting them expire and then purchasing them when we go in October. My question is this...are we going to be eligible for the payment program on...
  16. Epcotfan21

    Which off-site hotels offer EMH?

    I know the Hilton across from Downtown Disney offers Extra Magic Hours for resort guests there. Any other "off-site" hotels offer this?
  17. Epcotfan21

    Concierge recommendations?

    So they have a pretty good deal for Florida residents for concierge level and I thought why not extend our honeymoon even longer. But I was hoping someone can tell me which option is best. Looks like we have to choose from the following options. 1. Grand Floridian - Outer Lodge - Club Level...
  18. Epcotfan21

    Just ordered a Nikon D40

    Hey guys, Long time lurker here and I did my research on my first dslr and decided to go with the Nikon D40 and added it with the 55-200mm lens (Wolf Camera was having this pretty good deal, so I pulled the trigger). The kit has yet to arrive, but I was wondering what you guys thought are...
  19. Epcotfan21

    When and why did they stop serving breakfast at Tony's?

    We always used to get to the Magic Kingdom early because we enjoyed starting our day off at Tony's on Main Street. The breakfast was amazing. What gives?
  20. Epcotfan21

    Question for Floridians?

    I saw that Disney has been advertising a 4 days for $140 package for Floridians, but when I go to the Disney site I can't find the deal listed. I want to know if the package includes parkhopper or if you have to pay extra for that option and if you don't use all the days on your trip, can you...
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