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  1. lukacseven

    BlueZoo info

    Will be down for the Marathon Weekend and traditionally always ate at Il Mulino Saturday night. Received word a few weeks ago they will unexpectedly be closed and moved our reservation to BlueZoo. They said there will be pasta specials offered because of the race. Never been to BlueZoo - my...
  2. lukacseven

    Philadelphia Half Marathon: Race Report

    First off, one of the biggest problems with this race appears to have been solved...finish line security. For the first time in the past 7 years, the finish line was completely fenced in and access was guarded by military personnel, thus no spectators backing up onto the course, clogging the...
  3. lukacseven

    Run the Bridge: Race Report

    Once again did the Ben Franklin Bridge Challenge this past weekend - also known as Run the Bridge. As always, this was one of the best events in the Philly/New Jersey area. The race is so well put together - there are never any issues and it is always a fun group of people. The staging area...
  4. lukacseven

    Runners World Half Festival: Race Report

    This past weekend I ran all 3 legs of the Runners World Hat Trick in Bethlehem, PA. The races included a 5k, 10k, and 13.1. (Advertising referenced Goofy Challenge as the inspiration for a multi-race weekend) Packet pick-up was Friday night at the Steel Stacks complex which also served as the...
  5. lukacseven

    Mile 20

    Too soon to start the speculation as to what the "spectacular surprise" at mile 20 will be???
  6. lukacseven

    Skechers Go Run

    Funny thing happened on the way home from the Marathon Weekend...I was walking around the Orlando airport and came across the Go Run at the Skechers store. Checked the shoes out and they actually seemed decent - very light, thin, flexible sole similar to Nike Free. I regret not trying a pair...
  7. lukacseven

    2012 Race Program

    Now available!
  8. lukacseven

    January 5K theme

    Just saw the theme for the January Marathon Weekend 5k and am seriously considering changing plans to arrive a day earlier so I can run in a poncho & sombrero: Disney's Family Fiesta 5K featuring the 3 Caballeros!
  9. lukacseven

    Relay medal

    Pic of the Chip 'n Dale Relay medal posted this morning on Run Disney's Facebook page...pretty awesome.
  10. lukacseven

    January Marathon Relay

    Did anyone else notice on the ESPN WWOS site, it lists a Marathon Relay - new for 2012? It will be interesting to see the breakdown and where the transition areas will be located. I'm guessing there will have to be more info available when registration opens in March.
  11. lukacseven

    Bay Lake Tower or Kidani Village?

    Probably should be a post for Trip Planning, but I was hoping to get some input from runners who may have stayed at BLT for the Marathon Weekend. We've stayed the past 2 years at Kidani Village for the Marathon (my sister's DVC membership). We were discussing booking KV again, because it's her...
  12. lukacseven

    Wild 13.1

    I know there's a lot of south/central NJ runners on this forum. I just came across the inaugural Wild Half - a half marathon in Wildwood in late August along the boardwalk and beach. Looks like a fun course, but it's likely to be hot and humid. Has anyone else...
  13. lukacseven

    Anyone running Philly?

    Philadlephia Marathon & Half Marathon this Sunday. Rothman 8K on Saturday. Anyone else running? I do see alot of southeatern PA and NJ posters in this forum. Looks like this year's course, again, is slightly different. The approach to the finish line takes a different route and it also...
  14. lukacseven

    Buzz and Woody's Best Friends 5K

    Although the official website says the 5K is 90% capacity, my sister tried to register this morning and says the race is FULL. The other races will still allow you to enter.
  15. lukacseven

    Shoe recommendations?

    I just purchased a pair of the Newton Gravitas Trainers - my third pair of Newtons. I've tried about a dozen other running shoes, but I always come back to Newton. My key to running shoes is a low, zero, or negative heel to toe ratio and a less than 10 oz. weight. Saucony is marketing the...
  16. lukacseven

    January 5K theme

    I just noticed on the Endurance Series website, the January 5K is listed as "Buzz and Woody's Best Friends 5K."
  17. lukacseven

    What's on your playlist?

    What are some of the songs on your playlist? What kind of music motivates you during runs? - Back in '06 they played music from a rare import CD called "Hyper Techno Disney" throughout the parks during the marathon - popular songs from Disney films remixed to a dance beat.
  18. lukacseven

    Runner's Etiquette

    What are some things for new runners/walkers to be aware of? What are some things that bother you that commonly occur during races? Post your questions comments on running etiquette here... Something that came to mind when responding to another post that compelled me to create this forum...
  19. lukacseven

    Mickey medal

    The Mickey medal for the 2011 marathon has been unveiled. I wonder if the Donald and Goofy medals will be similar or if only the marathon will have a unique medal.
  20. lukacseven

    Minimalist Running

    What are your thoughts on barefoot running? Anyone doing it? Anyone else running in Newton? The intention here is not to spark a debate, but get people together to talk about minimalistic running. After some injuries and chronic problems, I made the switch to a midfoot strike, based on...
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