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  1. eddiemcgarrigle

    Scottish Independence

    So, in the event of the breaking up of the United Kingdom what do you think will happen to the UK Pavilion in Epcot? Granted, nothing about it screams Scotland anyway so I feel it will simply be renamed England. Thoughts?
  2. eddiemcgarrigle

    Two ADRs At Same Time?

    Hi Guys, I've booked up my trip to Disney again but this time my Brother-In-Law is coming with his family too. We've booked everyone under the same reservation as it worked out at £1000 cheaper but I'm left with a dilemma. Is it possible to book two ADRs at different restaurants for the same...
  3. eddiemcgarrigle

    Disney **** Glasses

    Hello peeps, after an unfortunate washing up experience, I managed to accidently smash one of my tumblers (slippy buggers when covered in suds). Does anyone know if they are still available at the World?
  4. eddiemcgarrigle

    Online Check-In

    Okay peeps, 60 days to go until my arrival at WDW again. I tried the online check-in and it's still saying I need to be within 60 days. So does this mean day 59 or is the site not working properly?
  5. eddiemcgarrigle

    WTB Kevin Kidney Ceramic 'Paper' Cups

    Hello peeps, are the Kevin Kidney 40th anniversary mugs still available to buy at WDW? I've liked these goodies every since I clapped eyes on them and it would be nice to know if I can snap them up when I'm there in nine weeks. Any help acquiring them is appreciated.
  6. eddiemcgarrigle

    Dining Plan Online Reservation Problem

    I'm 180 days out and can't make reservations online as the system won't recognise my reservation number although, it will pull up all of my details if I want to look at my booking. Phoning the reservations in is proving just as problematic as the system is continually dumping my call while I...
  7. eddiemcgarrigle

    For UK Members - Just Booked

    Okay, I booked directly with WDW at the start of the month and was assured that I would receive confirmation of my booking and all associated add-on by mail within two weeks. Nothing has been received yet so to give me peace of mind, how long has it taken other forum members to get their...
  8. eddiemcgarrigle

    Gift Card Question

    Ok peeps, have any of our UK members taken advantage of the free cash on offer from our favourite holiday destination? I will be staying at POFQ in May and I'm eligible for the freebie of $550 (much appreciated Mr Mouse) but I have noticed in repeated invoices from my TA that the sum is quoted...
  9. eddiemcgarrigle

    Pirates League

    Hi Guys, My son has been running around the house in his pirate outfit for the last week so I decided that I might as well get him inducted into the Pirates League when I'm over in May. With all the planning for the DDP, my missus isn't too excited about another set time for doing anything...
  10. eddiemcgarrigle

    DDP Quick Service Question

    Hello peeps, A little question regarding the quick service option on the DDP. Can a child order anything from the counter service menus or are they restricted to the very small selection that seems to be on every 'kid's picks' menu? I don't want my son being restricted to a burger or...
  11. eddiemcgarrigle

    May 2010 Roll Call

    Okay peeps, the May roll call seems to be missing so I've started a thread. Who else is going to take advantage of the light crowds, lack of rain and glorious sunshine?
  12. eddiemcgarrigle

    Cape May Cafe

    I've been busy making all my dining reservations and felt I should give a resort restaurant a chance and seeing as I intend to stay at the Beach Club for my 40th in two years, I thought I'd try out the Cape May Cafe. I've been getting second thoughts and wondering if I wouldn't be better just...
  13. eddiemcgarrigle

    Cancelling, Rebooking & The DDP.

    Long story short, after getting very cheesed off with my original travel agent and their lack of customer service, I cancelled and rebooked with another travel agent (and saved £200 and got the $550 gift card offer). Now, given that my original WDW reservation has been cancelled, does this...
  14. eddiemcgarrigle

    Dining Plan Problems

    Hi Guys, It's time for me to make my bookings on the dining plan (for the first time) but after trawling through all the letters and forms from my travel agent I can't find any direct reservation number with WDW, only the travel agent. So, do I need the WDW reservation number to make...
  15. eddiemcgarrigle

    Celebrate The Mouse

    Has anyone ordered from this online store? I ordered some DVD's to really get my little family going while we wait for May to roll around again. I ordered at the end of August and was assured I would receive an email when my order was sent out and I'm still waiting. They only accept Paypal...
  16. eddiemcgarrigle

    Another POFQ Question

    Okay peeps it's question time. If staying at POFQ and wanting to travel to the Magic Kingdom, in order to avoid the queues for buses, is it a viable option to take the short drive to Epcot and use the monorail? In addition, at what time do the monorails start up? Do all the car parks areas...
  17. eddiemcgarrigle


    Anyone know where I can get the music played just before, during and after the Wishes fireworks? I know that there is a CD available but I've read in a few places that it's not the park version. Any help is appreciated.
  18. eddiemcgarrigle

    Your Biggest Disappointment At WDW?

    So, what is your biggest disappointment of any trip to WDW. Rude or just plain ignorant Cast Members? Mine happened at Japan in the World Showcase. We had waited almost an hour for the girl who does the candy animals due to her being late although it did give me extra time to browse in the...
  19. eddiemcgarrigle

    Are the Boys Left Out At Disney?

    Having witnessed so many things for the little un's to do at WDW it seems heavily weighted in favour of the girls. There is all the preening at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, not to mention all the character meals that feature the various Princesses. Now, I will be back to my favourite home...
  20. eddiemcgarrigle

    Non-Resort Guests Eating At WDW Restaurants

    Hi Guys, Back to Orlando again in two weeks :sohappy: but this time I want to do something different in the way of dining. It will be the first time I've been there with my son (forgivable since he's only 2) and he absolutely adores burgers and ice cream (although not at the same time ;)) so...
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