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  1. SteveUK

    Is 2022 planning possible?

    Long-time member, not posted for a while. But when I needed to ask some unanswerable questions and wanted some informed speculation, there was only one place to go! I've been trying to plan a trip from the UK for a while (to be first for 12yr old, and 6yr old), and I think we would all agree...
  2. SteveUK

    International Shipping Advice

    Hi All; Been a member for many years, but haven't posted much recently. I was disappointed to hear about the Around the World brick removal. My grandparents had one, and are no longer with us, so I was keen to get a replica. I sent an email and was given a code, but on trying to order, I've...
  3. SteveUK

    Being Drunk in the World

    I’m not sure alcohol is the problem, I think that’s a bit of a distraction. Drunkenness, taken to mean behaving in an anti-social manner does not result purely from alcohol use. Alcohol is a disinhibitor, but I don’t believe should provide the excuse or explanation for poor behaviour. If...
  4. SteveUK

    UK/US Free Dining questions

    Thanks for the replies. I am aware there is a difference between the levels of dining plan, and this isn't so much the question. I'm more interested in the possibility of booking a value resort and receiving a free plan.
  5. SteveUK

    UK/US Free Dining questions

    Just hoping a resident expert can help explain or clarify something for me? I understand the release of dates and availability varies between free dining being offered in the US and the UK. However, is it correct that bookings from the US receive a free dining plan in Value resorts, whereas UK...
  6. SteveUK

    Will free dining return for us in the UK?!

    No idea, but spookily I was just trying to log in for the first time in several months to ask that exact question. Hope we get the answer we want!
  7. SteveUK

    Where to find Cherry Coke at WDW?

    I'm more disappointed about the lack of caffeine free choices.
  8. SteveUK

    Bugs in Disney World

    With the level of ticket prices and unemployment, I don't suppose many bees can afford to get in these days.
  9. SteveUK

    Man injured on Dragon Challenge.

    Whatever it is, I hope they find it and fix it before I want to ride in six weeks! And of course, I hope the passenger recovers well.
  10. SteveUK

    Credit card charges vs Dining credit charges

    However unlikely, it is a risk. You just need to decide how big a problem it would be and if it justifies using a different payment method. Hope you get it worked out.
  11. SteveUK

    Credit card charges vs Dining credit charges

    You could eliminate the risk by just carrying a credit card. You seem so keen to avoid such a mistake, surely if this happened, it would outweigh the 'inconvenience' of carrying one extra card?
  12. SteveUK

    Question about shipping a package ahead of time to resort

    Great idea, I will place an order before I leave. Thanks for suggesting it, it's something I hadn't thought about. One question though, will they include alcohol in my delivery? I might arrive quite late and after a long flight, I think a beer might be needed.
  13. SteveUK

    Wouldn't it kind of suck if...

    I don't mean to be pedantic, but standing in a courtroom five days a week, I have learnt to choose my words carefully. I guess that's why I don't have much patience for the crap I hear spouted too often. Maybe that makes me harsh or unreasonable...
  14. SteveUK

    Drug Issues

    Does anybody know where I can access a list of drugs/substances that are allowed in the US? I have IBS and take a variety of supplements and understand that in many countries, some substances and complementary medicines are permitted, whilst others are not. I do not want to arrive with any...
  15. SteveUK

    Wouldn't it kind of suck if...

    I'm starting to think we are not going to get sense from the OP. I have heard the word 'apology' several times without any actual thought to the implications of such a phrase. Not meaning to be disrespectful, but this is clearly somebody who doesn't work in the legal profession and has no...
  16. SteveUK

    Lost Child Tip / Preventitive

    I've got an idea that could alleviate 'missing child' concerns. Leave them at home. WDW isn't really a place for children, if you don't take them with you, you can't lose them.
  17. SteveUK

    Wouldn't it kind of suck if...

    "What kind of apology...?" Not even sure if I have the energy to start picking apart all that is wrong in that statement. Doesn't an apology require some admission of responsibility?
  18. SteveUK

    Singer Amy Winehouse found dead in London home, Sky News reports....

    Of course it is sad, it always is when somebody passes in such circumstances. But around the world, many people will pass in diffiicult and unpleasant circumstances today, and nobody will stop to even consider them, certainly won't start a thread to discuss how tragic their passing is. I'm...
  19. SteveUK

    Dining Plan and Menus

    As always, great advice. I'm looking forward to being able to just choose what I want and forget the number beside it. So many times I have not ordered quite what I would like because I'm worried about the cost. I'm not sure looking at the cost that I would pay for the dining plan, but to...
  20. SteveUK

    Dining Plan and Menus

    Are there any limitations placed on what you can order using the dining plan? Are there certain items on the menu excluded? It just seems odd that I could order a burger, or a steak for twice the price, but they effectively cost the same (ie. 1 credit). Am I missing something?
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