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  1. JoeCamel

    Comcast solar panel

    Seems to be more 2020 weirdness where Comcast has built a small solar panel with the Comcast logo floating in a retention pond
  2. JoeCamel

    Report of medical event closing Space Mountain for rest of day?

    Just saw a report on another site of a serious medical event closing SM for the rest of the day. Is this the Chapek effect? Hope all affected have a positive outcome
  3. JoeCamel

    HHN 2016

    The HHN site was up for a few minutes (Access Denied now so I won't post the URL) but in the guest photos was one from @PhotoDave219
  4. JoeCamel

    Universal Box office record

    So who is the king of movies? I don't think they will be hurting for money anytime soon.
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