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    Change to AP discounts after 2021?

    So I was thinking of a quick grab go to DTD and noticed my AP wasn't on the app anymore. So I was trying to find(Still haven't) info, without calling, and found an page with interesting wording saying that the discount rates were expiring 12/30/2021. Just odd that: 1. They would state it 2...
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    Get your Dapper Dans All-Star fix from Disney Parks

    Disney Parks may be closed due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, but thankfully, the Dapper Dans from Disneyland are coming to us with their first-ever at-home performance. With their happy harmonizing, the Dapper Dans are an iconic part of the Main Street, U.S.A., and now, we can see them...
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    What COVID-19? Disney Homebounding #DisneyHBLove

    Hey everyone, Yep, the parks are closed and you are more than likely to be at home and indoors. This doesn't mean we don't miss all things Disney. So I wanted to create a more positive thread here on how we were coping with things at home in our own Disney way. This could be watching a classic...
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    News Disneyland Resort Donating Excess Food During Temporary Closure

    Right thing to do.
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    Carthay Circle Reopens Today

    Just wondering if there are any thing we can see from the renovations. I know a lot of it was BOH, but was curious. Not sure when I'll plant my bum on that bar stool.
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    Disneyland Parking Structure Opening Early 1/17?

    Hello, I tried to read all the posts on the topic, but couldn't find anything. Has anyone heard if any of the parking structures will be opening early due to NAMM, ROTR, etc.? Thanks
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    Am I the only one who noticed?

    I posted this on the permits post and then read the imagineering post. Didn't see it mentioned. Am I the only one who noticed what they might do to Rainforest Cafe and ESPN? Take a look at the hand drawing underneath DTD and the Legend.
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