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  1. epcotisbest

    Tyson 2009-2020

    He was definitely a good boy and will be dearly missed.
  2. epcotisbest

    Sometimes, no matter how logical your point, you can't win the argument.

    Today is a work from home day for my wife. While I was preparing lunch, she yelled at me that I was being too noisy during her Zoom meeting. I pointed out that there were three bedrooms, two baths, two utility rooms, multiple closets, attic, a downstairs den, screened in porch, carport, deck and...
  3. epcotisbest

    Dole Whip Nachos...yes please!

    Not my photo. Found online. Marketplace Snacks at DS. "This bowl of deliciousness contains waffle cone chips topped with DOLE Whip mango boba pearls, fresh pineapple, strawberry sauce, whipped cream and rainbow sprinkles!”
  4. epcotisbest

    When I Get To Heaven - John Prine

    Worth a listen, especially today.
  5. epcotisbest

    Had a Dole Whip at Disney Springs tonight.

    Apparently, they have been available there for awhile now. I did not know until this evening. Sadly, it did not seem as special a treet having it there instead of at MK or the Poly. Weird.
  6. epcotisbest

    New favorite version of an old favorite song.

    Take a load off...and crank it up!
  7. epcotisbest

    Spur of the moment visit to the Magic Kingdom.

    One of our best park days ever was mostly spur of the moment. We went to MK one day when we had planned on not even going. This was a couple of years ago. While hanging around the pool a little after lunch that day we had some people give us some one-day comp tickets they had gotten at a...
  8. epcotisbest

    Google Wizard of Oz easter egg.

    For today's anniversary of The Wizard of Oz, Google has a fun little easter egg. Do a google search and type in The Wizard of Oz. At the search results, click on the ruby slippers. Afterward, click on the twister to return home. Of course, it is a little backward.
  9. epcotisbest

    Is mattress in sofa bed removable?

    We are staying in a one-bedroom at Saratoga Springs in a few weeks, and we may have some friends join us for the first couple of nights following their cruise. I am thinking we will give them the bedroom, and we will take the pull-out sofa bed in the living room since they will only be there a...
  10. epcotisbest

    Joy to the World

    No real reason for this post. Heard this on the oldies radio station a little while ago and it brought a smile to my face. This is my attempt to share that smile.
  11. epcotisbest

    International Day of Happiness-March 20

  12. epcotisbest

    My Oscars watching plans.

    Ignore the hours and hours of pre-Oscar TV coverage, tune in at 8 P.M. for the opening musical number by Queen, then change the channel immediately afterward. Just sayin'.
  13. epcotisbest

    Peter Tork dies

    Peter Tork of the Monkees has died. I was a Monkees fan and used to get a kick out of the sheer silliness of the TV show. One of my favorite Monkees songs was not as popular as Last Train to Clarksville, Daydream Believer, Pleasant Valley Sunday, and I'm a Believer, but for some reason I like...
  14. epcotisbest

    BOMA Mulligatawny Soup

    The Mulligatawny Soup at BOMA is one of our favorites and my wife has made it at home a few times. This time she used honeycrisp (instead of Granny Smith like she usually does) apples and a little extra curry. Wow...very good. Took the pic before she added a little dollop of whipped cream to the...
  15. epcotisbest

    Telecommuting or working remotely while at Disney Saratoga Springs.

    We have an opportunity to go down for a week at SSR, but one of us has to work the whole time, or at least 8-5. That being said, working at the computer at Disney seems to be a better day than working at the office. Have computer, batteries, headphones and headset for conference calls (so as to...
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    Seems like a good idea this morning:
  17. epcotisbest

    Goodbye to a real, true hero.

    My middle brother died suddenly Monday. He served in the Navy and was stationed aboard the USS John F. Kennedy during the first Gulf War (Desert Storm). Photo from the mid-eighties or maybe very early nineties.
  18. epcotisbest

    End of the Line

    Listened to this a few times today. Tom Petty, RIP.
  19. epcotisbest

    Water parks advice for people who don't care for water slides.

    We are contemplating going to both Disney water parks just to hang out, maybe do the lazy rivers, wave pools and lounging in the shade. We have friends who go to the water parks and really enjoy them. Our thought is since we now spend very little time at the theme parks, and more time enjoying...
  20. epcotisbest


    It was spectacular! We had about 40 seconds of totality here and the corona view without the glasses for that brief amount of time was beautiful to see. The street lamps here at the house came on, the temperature dropped several degrees, and the dogs started barking. My playlist I got timed...
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