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    Disneyland "Sunsetting" annual passes, WDW next?

    Disneyland has announced it is "sunsetting" annual passes and refunding everyone with a future scheme to be announced I guess sometime in the future. Could this happen at WDW where there are less passholders? What do you think the changes will be? This is an extreme move no one saw coming.
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    Disney Channels in UK to close and shows will move to Disney+

    From the 1st October all Disney channel's in the UK will close and the content will moved to Disney+ as the company has failed to reach new agreements with Sky & Virgin.
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    Ticketing/Entry System Crash

    On Monday part of the ticketing system failed which resulted in only those with Magic Bands being able to gain entry to the parks and everyone else being trapped outside the gates! In around 2002 I was at the parks and the system wasn't working one day but they allowed us in the park with no...
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