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  1. Red Sox

    Star Tours Starspeeder Playset

    I'm curious if anyone knows if this toy still sold in Hollywood Studios. Heading down this summer and would seriously think about picking one up if they're still available.
  2. Red Sox

    Test Track and FP+

    I've tried searching for this information but couldn't really locate an answer. When you use FP+ on Test Track do you go through the design portion or is that bypassed? I have seen that single rider line bypasses it but could not confirm what happens for FP riders. Just curious since I've never...
  3. Red Sox

    Balloons: What do you do with them when on rides?

    My daughter loves balloons, but if you buy a balloon in Magic Kingdom where do you put it when you hit the rides? We won't have a stroller to tie it to as I'm sure many folks do. Just curious.
  4. Red Sox

    Seeking Advice on getting to the parks prior to open

    Hey everyone, We'll be staying at All Star Movies this August and I am seeking everyone's sage wisdom regarding what time to leave the resort in the AM to make it prior to park open so we can take advantage of the typically less busy AM's! We'll be using Disney transportation (buses for the...
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