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  1. disneysince71

    Trip Report On a quest for the National Title.... ?

    We are on our way to WDW for the 2013 National Pop Warner Cheerleading Championships. Pop Warner is a Youth football and Cheerleading organization run by volunteers. I am the proud director of a program from North Carolina and we have 3 squads attending this year ages 8-10, 10-12 and 12-15 I was...
  2. disneysince71

    Pre-Trip A post as you go gotta get to the "Food and Wine Festival" Trip Report :)

    Good Afternoon! Headed out for a 10 hour drive in just a couple hours.... This is a very short trip... Started out 6 nights but due to many commitments we have had to shorten it to 3 nights 4 days.... Our purpose for going... THE FOOD AND WINE FESTIVAL.... Honestly I am not a drinker so I like...
  3. disneysince71

    No need to tweet.. I got wdwmagic :) A post as I go trip report....

    Hello WDW friends... :) So instead of Twitter... I am going to do a post as I go for my trip report.... I will go ahead and list my few ADRs... but most of the time I will be planning as I go... In our family we have My Husband Daryl, Me, 18 year old DD, 15 year old DD and 10 year old DS. Our...
  4. disneysince71

    Disney gives back! :)

    I wanted to do a shout out to Disney for something exciting that happened over memorial weekend. Over MD weekend we attended the annual Pop Warner Scholarship banquet in Boston. Pop Warner awarded over 90,000.00 in scholarships from about 30 different companies to 8/9th graders who had achieved...
  5. disneysince71

    Star Wars Weekends Favorite Photos

    I love Star Wars weekends!!! I love Star Wars/ Disney photos. Post your favorite photos... or tell your favorite stories here! 5/17-19, 5/24-26, 5/31-6/2, 6/7-9, 2013
  6. disneysince71

    Favorite Magic Kingdom Attraction with Photos

    Tell me your favorite Walt Disney World Attraction. Feel free to Add photos if available.
  7. disneysince71

    Favorite Resort and Photos

    What is your favorite Disney Resort and Why? Please post your favorite Resort photos.
  8. disneysince71

    Epcot Flower and Garden Festival Photos

    I am so excited about this years Flower and Garden Festival... Most because this year they have added food! :) Seriously I love the beautiful Artwork of the Festival.. I am going to post some of my favorite F&G photos and I invite you to do the same... :) March 6- May 19th
  9. disneysince71

    Delicious Disney Food- Pictures

    This thread is for you to post your most favorite Disney Meals, snacks, drinks, ice cream, buffets, ext....... or just tell us about them. :)
  10. disneysince71

    Disturbing or Strange Disney Images...

    As all of my wdwmagic friends know.. I love to find images of food, snacks, drinks, rides, parks, ext... Occasionally I come across strange Disney images that are hilarious. So this thread is for your to drop any strange disturbing images that you may have seen.. Rule! KEEP IT CLEAN! No...
  11. disneysince71

    Good Luck: real mad hatter

    I would like to wish our Scottish friend @real mad hatter good luck on his first Disney party tonight... @real mad hatter you have worked so hard to learn all you can about the World and I know it will be successful.
  12. disneysince71

    How Long and How Long

    3 part question... How long til you leave? And How long are you going for? Where are you going? For us it is 43 days til we leave... and we will be there for 10 days! Starting at Board Walk, Moving to Saratoga and on the last weekend we will be at Beach Club... :)
  13. disneysince71

    Most Favorite.... Least Favorite Ride....

    Tell me your Most Favorite and Your least favorite Ride/Show Most- Tower of Terror Least- Tiki Room
  14. disneysince71

    Afternoon Nap or Open to Close

    For Many, Many years when we went to Disney we would go from park open to park close... 12-14 hours.. How ever long the parks where open... We packed the kids bathing suits so they could splash around in the fountains... or we would park hop to a Water park.. When we bought our first DVC points...
  15. disneysince71

    HEAVY crowds.. What to do?

    So looking for advice for what you do on Heavy Crowd days. A little back ground. I always go on heavy crowd days. My husband and I are teachers so we are at Disney a few times a year at the peek seasons. When we go on these weeks we look around and wonder how peoples vacations are going with the...
  16. disneysince71

    Taking Teens to Cinderellas Castle

    Although my girls where raised in Disney... We are taking them to eat for there first time at Cinderella Castle on April 1st. My girls age 15 and 18... are getting a special treat. One is turning 15 and the other is graduating from High School. When are girls where younger we just could not...
  17. disneysince71

    TOP 5 Restaurant MUST DOs...

    Good Afternoon! Even though I am a regular at WDW.. I have LEARNED so much from everyone on this site. I have been planning our visit in March and our visit in June.. And I see many restaurants we have not tried.. or have not tried in years. My kids are 10,15,17, and 19... So help me out...
  18. disneysince71

    Trip Planning/Report... 3/29-4/7 2013

    This is my first draft for our planning of our first of 5 visits to WDW in 2013. Yes I am a horrible planner... and I did not even get my first ADR until today. But we visit a lot and the truth is I am happy by the pool as long as I am in Walt Disney World. :) WE have 4 kids 10,15,17,19 all of...
  19. disneysince71


    Please tell me what is so special about Ohana? Is it the food? The atmosphere? Are there Characters? Is it worth the $? Should I book in March?
  20. disneysince71

    Star struck at Disney....

    You never know who you will run into at the Happiest place on earth! :) We once saw John Stamos on Soarin at Epcot... He was riding with his girl friend, and immediately went out the back with a CM at the end. This year we saw Nick Cannon after taping the Christmas Parade. Has anyone else ever...
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