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  1. Billy6

    Trip Report "Oh boy...It's good to be home*..."

    Hey all... One of the shining lights of the reopening is the chance to read all of the trip reports again and share our stories. There was a huge lull during the late spring early summer and it's great to see all of the new ones loaded up! Soooo...I wanted to get in on the fun! It was good to...
  2. Billy6

    Trip Report This Ones for You...

    It's been a while since I've done one and since I was asked nicely by a certain "magician" @Darstarr 🤫 , I will oblige her... and those who follow!! My name's Billy and I am a WDWMagic addict.... been a member since 2003. ;) My family and I (wife and 2 sons, 5 and 9mths), my parents and sister...
  3. Billy6

    Fantasmic with FP+

    Hey all, my wife and I chose Fantasmic for one of our FASTPASS+ selections for our upcoming trip. Has anyone done the same? I read on a post that they have a special section or is it just you ge the pick of the bunch with FP+? Worth a selection? Any feedback is much appreciated!!
  4. Billy6

    Chicago to WDW

    Hey all, I'm asking a question for a friend.... :) Has anyone from the Chicago area, that has made the drive from the Windy City to the World, found a great hotel or hotel area along the way? In an effort to save some considerable dough for our annual June trip next year, we have decided to...
  5. Billy6

    The Disneymooners...My Fantasy-tastic Disney Honeymoon!

    Sorry, this was double posted..Its continued in full at the first post with same name...
  6. Billy6

    The Disneymooners...My Fantasy-tastic Disney Honeymoon!

    Well friends, it's been about a month since my new wife and I disembarked from our 8 day honeymoon adventure to WDW and on the DCL Fantasy so I figured it was a perfect time to re-live it all for your reading enjoyment! With 500 pictures, three bags full of goodies, and countless memories, my...
  7. Billy6

    The Disneymooners....My WDW & Fantasy PTR

    It is almost a month away...Lots of careful planning and details down to a "T". Attire purchased and daily schedules made...Over a year of waiting and anxious excitement for this special time...What is it you ask? My Wedding, maybe? I's my WDW & DCL Honeymoon! :D Hi friends...
  8. Billy6

    Small suspicious package at AKL-Jambo

    Arrived for my annual trip this morning..7 days at Kidani Village....We went over to the Mara and had lunch and after went up to Zawadi Marketplace for a look see. Over where the Lion is behind the cash register there were 3 cast members and a Security CM lined up as if to create a barrier...
  9. Billy6

    Disneyland on Modern Family

    Did anyone watch Modern Family at Disneyland tonight? I had to DVR it but watching it now....
  10. Billy6

    Swamp People-Disney similarity...

    For those that have seen an episode of Swamp People on The History Channel, among all of the gators and Loos-iana bayous, I have noticed an eerry similarity to the voice of the show and to the narrator for Rivers of America and WDW RR narrator. Wondering if anyone had any insight as to who...
  11. Billy6

    No Pop Warner??

    No Pop Warner football this year? I looked in the ESPN WWOS website and saw that they are not hosting the event this December? Should I get the planning started??? Any one else know if this is true? I was at WDW last year at the tail end of it, and had one full day of the chaos :lookaroun...
  12. Billy6

    Referrals for DVC purchase

    In December, my parents bought into DVC, and we just spent our first week last week at DAKL-Kidani Village... While there, my aunt bought DVC- BLT the same week...She mentioned to them that our family were members and they(DVC) said we would be getting points as a referral, hinting at 'round...
  13. Billy6

    Quick Magical Express Question

    I am pretty sure from reading past posts but not 100% sure. Can you book ME to a Resort on a different day than your arrival, if you do not use the luggage service part of ME? We are arriving on a Saturday and staying one night offsite(near OIA), but our reservation at KV is Sunday to Sunday...
  14. Billy6

    Stroller Rental Companies

    Have any of you used a stroller rental company while at the World? Where they deliver it to your resort and pick it up for you? I am thinking of doing it, but wanted to get some input from the family:wave:
  15. Billy6

    Strollers sold at Resorts/Parks

    Hey all...does anyone know how much the Red/Black Umbrella strollers that are sold at the resort and parks? I have seen them mostly in resort gift shops...I'm hoping they are affordable, but there is always Walmart. Going in June and am not bringing a stroller for my 4 1/2 yr old DD, cause she...
  16. Billy6

    Kidani for Christmas!!!

    Along with other wonderful gifts from my family, I could not believe my eyes when I read a card from Mom and Dad telling me that they had bought a DVC membership at AK-Kidani Village for the family!!!:sohappy::sohappy: I was brought to tears. They have talked about it for a while now, but my Dad...
  17. Billy6

    On Line Check-in question..

    Sorry if this has been discussed...My question is, will final payment info be required when you use this service? Or will it need to be paid before? I would like to pay when I arrive, so please let me know how this works.. Thanks all..:)
  18. Billy6

    ME package in the mail

    Hey All..About how soon before arrival date does your package get mailed? I leave Dec 10th...I should get it soon, yeah?:shrug:
  19. Billy6

    Resort Mugs

    How often do they change them? Would one bought this earlier this year still be able to be used? SHHHH!!! Keep this on the down-low, so Mickey doesnt here us...:lookaroun
  20. Billy6

    Buses between Parks

    I think I know the answer to this but is there a Bus from DHS to AK? Or do I have to get to a resort first? Thanks anyone and everyone!!!:kiss:
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