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  1. aka_emilicious

    Possible AVATAR Patents?

    I tend to frequent the US Patent site to see what Disney's been up to. I stumbled on a couple of interesting patents that might be related to some of the Avatar and Rivers of Light stuff. I thought I would post them here in case anyone else was interested. Flow sensing system and method: Vague...
  2. aka_emilicious

    Dining Reservation System

    Has anyone tried making dining reservations today? On the MDE App it says no reservations are available, on the mobile and regular website it only shows the specialty dining experiences. I've tried it both logged in and not. I wasn't entirely sure where to put this, so feel free to move this.
  3. aka_emilicious


    Not sure if this is the right location, but does anyone know how a company goes about getting a space in innoventions? My friends and I were talking about a grassroots type of exhibit would be cool. Kind of like a physical kickstarter. There's a lot of issues involved of course, but I was...
  4. aka_emilicious

    Dapper Day

    Has anyone ever attended Dapper Day at WDW? It's an unofficial day at Disney where guests dress in there 60's finest like they used to in Walt's day. I love the concept!
  5. aka_emilicious

    Wait list

    Has anyone had their wait list request filled? And is there any benefit to calling and asking about availability versus the online wait list?
  6. aka_emilicious

    Power Outlets in the Parks

    Since Disney is getting with the times and offering wifi, I was wondering if there is a list of known power outlets to use in the parks? MouseWaits has a decent list for Disneyland. I know my family is going to kill our phone batteries everyday. I usually grab one on the veranda of the noodle...
  7. aka_emilicious

    Disney Shirts!

    Over in the general discussion, I know some of us were complaining about the lack of apparel at Disney Parks that we would want to buy. Since I hardly ever find something I want to buy there, I've started to make shirts I wish I could buy! If anyone else does this as well, please post your...
  8. aka_emilicious


    I know Wild Arctic is being rehabbed, but I wasn't sure if there is another location to see the penguins? We were planning on buying the up close penguin encounter tour in October, but that is apparently unavailable. Thanks!
  9. aka_emilicious

    Check-out luggage question

    Here's the story - I'm at wdw now and tomorrow is my last day and a friend is driving me to the airport. I know I'm spending the whole day at MK, but am staying at all star music. Would I be able to drop my bags off at bell services at the Contemporary to save time on my way out to the airport...
  10. aka_emilicious

    Power Walks at Grand Californian

    Has anyone here ever gone on the "Power Walks" offered at the Grand Californian before the park opens? It sounds interesting, but I wanted to know more about it before booking at the GC. I haven't been able to find any information on it. Thanks!
  11. aka_emilicious

    CM in Storybook Circus costumes today

    Sorry if this has been posted, but a friend of mine at MK said CMs were in storybook circus costumes heading to the park on the bus. Maybe they're starting training?
  12. aka_emilicious

    Twin Trip Report: Confusing Cast Members across the World

    I should preface this trip report with a little bit of background. Back in the fall of 2007 I did the college program at Magic Kingdom in Fantasyland. My friend Josephine and I look nothing alike, but we act just the same and our managers constantly called us each other's names. Here’s a...
  13. aka_emilicious

    Spontaneous Disney/Uni Pre-Trip Report

    Hi everyone! I've done a trip report before, and thought I'd give a pre-trip report a try! Back in October, my friend and I decided to plan a Disney trip in January. She hasn't been back to WDW since our College Program in 2007. We decided on a weekend and both asked for the time off. Then...
  14. aka_emilicious

    Peter Pan Exit Music

    Hi Everyone! I'm having trouble finding some park music and am hoping someone here could help me. I'm looking for Peter Pan's Flight exit music. Its the accordion (I think) tune that plays right before you exit the ride (where the control panel is, if anyone knows the ride set up). Any help...
  15. aka_emilicious

    My First Trip Report OR A Girl, Her Camera, and The World: May/June 2011

    Let’s see. First things first, Hi! My name is Emily. I occasionally post, and tend to do so while sleep deprived. I thought I’d try my hand at a trip report. Here it goes! My story begins, like many others, at the airport. My flight left at 7:45 AM from Hartford on Southwest Airlines. I...
  16. aka_emilicious

    Building by barnstormer

    Hi everyone! I'm at the parks today and noticed a building that looks new-ish over by barnstormer. The last aerial view cuts off before where the building is. Are there photos of it? I can take some if not.
  17. aka_emilicious

    Famous HM Ghosts

    Hi Everyone! I was reading some of my favorite blogs and came across this one: Rasputin in Haunted Mansion I thought I would pass along the trivia to you, though it might be old hat to some of the HM die hards. Sorry if this was already posted!
  18. aka_emilicious

    Using Points

    My family normally just stays at our home resort SS, but I was wondering if we can use our points at any of the non-DVC resorts. I remember seeing that we could stay at POR when we bought in 2007, but can't seem to find anything about it now. Did they get rid of this option? Thanks!
  19. aka_emilicious

    Dining suggestions for Uni/IOA?

    My family is heading to Uni/IOA during our next Orlando trip (12 days!) and I was wondering if you have any suggestions for lunch/dinner. I had a terrible experience at Mel's last time we were there (a bird dive bombed between my back and the seat of the booth. I was thoroughly freaked out)...
  20. aka_emilicious

    WiFi in the parks?

    I have a feeling I know the answer is no, but thought I would ask the wise ones on this board first. The reason I ask is I want to FaceTime in the parks with my friend who will be out of the country at the time. So, am I stuck to FaceTime in the resorts?
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