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  1. SanFrancisco

    I'll keep an eye out for ya!!!

    I'll keep an eye out for ya!!!
  2. SanFrancisco

    Anybody been to Kouzzina? And Illuminations advice-

    I was thinking it would be nice to head over to the Boardwalk for dinner during our full Epcot day during the upcoming trip. I've read some pretty mixed things about Kouzzina and thought I'd go to you guys for your thoughts. I made a reservation for 7pm because it looks like Illuminations will...
  3. SanFrancisco

    News on the Haunted Mansion themed resort rooms?

    I was searching to see if this was covered somewhere else, but am wondering if anyone knows if there's been any movement on the HM themed rooms being discussed last spring???
  4. SanFrancisco

    WDW - the BEST option: Work there? Live nearby? Semi-annual trip?

    When did the WDW CMs get rude? I hadn't heard about this. Bummer!
  5. SanFrancisco

    Lordy, lordy I'm turning 40! And I'm off to WDW in January!!!

    Hey there guys and ghouls, I'm turning 40 on January 7th, 2014 and my partner and I just booked our trip to the World for 1/6/14 - 1/13/14. Because we went through MEI Travel we were able to get the group marathon rate and are able to afford staying at the AKL (my favorite!). And now the...
  6. SanFrancisco

    Heading back to the World for my big 4-0. January, 2014!

    Heading back to the World for my big 4-0. January, 2014!
  7. SanFrancisco

    DL vs. WDW rivalries

    I couldn't have written this better myself. My sentiments exactly (except that I'm in NorCal) and my first WDW trip was when I was six. Otherwise, 100% agreement.
  8. SanFrancisco

    Looking for your VALUE resort recommendation

    Thank you all soooo much! This has been super helpful.
  9. SanFrancisco

    Looking for your VALUE resort recommendation

    I am starting to plan a WDW trip for my birthday in January and it's looking like the best way for us to swing it financially is to stay at a Value resort. In the past I've stayed at AKL, Port Orleans Riverside, the Polynesian and the Contemporary. We're an adult couple without kids so I'm a...
  10. SanFrancisco

    Who is your favorite Disney villain????

    I love the... EVIL QUEEN!
  11. SanFrancisco

    MNSSHP pics?

    trick or treating bounty!
  12. SanFrancisco

    MNSSHP pics?

    parade pic
  13. SanFrancisco

    MNSSHP pics?

    Donald at the dance party
  14. SanFrancisco

    MNSSHP pics?

    HM ghosts in the parade
  15. SanFrancisco

    MNSSHP pics?

    decorations on Main St.
  16. SanFrancisco

    MNSSHP pics?

  17. SanFrancisco

    MNSSHP pics?

    scarecrow drummer
  18. SanFrancisco

    MNSSHP pics?

    DH & scarecrow
  19. SanFrancisco

    MNSSHP pics?

    a mom & son in costume
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