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    Epcot Holiday finale has turned for the worst

    Epcot Fireworks holiday have gone downhill hoping new years eve won't go this way. It has changed way to much way way less fireworks finale is no longer biggest. And will probably fall off the number 1 spot for best holiday finale. Im sorry guys but there has to be a reason for less fireworks...
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    Walt Disney steam Train update and monorail updates

    So any updates on the steam train the Walt Disney. I've been wondering about it. i here its still in the shop. Also how are the monroails running been a few months since I was last there.
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    Monorail update

    CORAL IS BACK they did it again great job disney we are now at full power on the fleet
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    Lilly Belle has guests on board and I'm one of them

    Just took the first ride in 7 years with guests . It's good to have you back Lilly belle it is pulling the blue carriages
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    Is sea world coming bavk

    Yesterday the parking lot was full but the park did not reach capacity it was amazing but seeing this do you think sea world is making a comeback?
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    Castle question

    When will it get lit for the first time ?
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    Disney Transport Bus Accident It is serious. Serious Damage to wat looks to be the oldest gillig bus in the fleet a bus from 04 :( thankfully no one was injured and no guests were aboard both drivers are ok.
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    Small World Extremelly Improved/COP

    I was on small world last night and Boy I have too say the refurbishers out did themselves this time its perfect right now! every single AA is working. Also love the new COP sign
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    So a bus driver told me this

    RT BUSES ARE STILL ON PROPERTY. They are found behind the AK customeing area in storage. So after work today I'll go see. Stay tuned for pictures,
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    Lilly Belle Update and monorail update

    So as many of you know. I am an avid follower of the lilly belle train which I can tell you is home and in overnight testing as of right now. (From as Cast Member) Lilly belle will not be taking passengers until the holidays. So maybe around November and December is when we'll see her. (Now for...
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    So I was at MK when

    I heard a different train whistle today. It sound low high pitched. Never heard on of those before could it be. LILLY BELLE
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    4 rides down at the same time at epcot and a very rare sight

    Yes count them 4 rides were down at 9:30 including an ultra rare one SOARIN Rides that. Were down were Soarin Frozen Ellen's Nemo I've never seen soarin down before lol
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    In Other News

    The Boat at Fantasmic has returned. A second bar has been added too the top deck of the boat. Also steven tylers hand was digitally altered due to it being a "Obsense Hand Gesture"
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    Osborne lights

    im inside Hollywood right now and noticed the avenue still hasn't been demolished while impossible is there any possiblity that they will come back here
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    Project City gone from People Mover

    Yes it is now a completly tinted and is dark in the tunnel anyone know whats going on?
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    Monorail Update July

    From a Cast Member source Monorail Coral Expected to return in August Monorail Green is currently in the shop (Petesdragon?) Monorail Orange has returned to its original look no more zootopia Automation is expected to start in December (Im not at all certain of this as its been putting up a fight.
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    Patrick Remains Cheif Flight Attendent!!!

    Yes its true patrick has not retired and continues to Be the pre flight and Soarin to Tower Announcer. So Happy. BTW Soarin Over the World is Awesome!
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    Monorail Teal and Corral Update

    Just got done talking to a Monorail CM Unfortuanttly Teal is still in the shop it is currently unknown wats wrong with it LAST SEEN (04/01/16) Corral Oh Corral Its been too long. Currently stands at in the shop and could be a very long time. Lime has been suffering big time lately 3 days in a...
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    Osbourne Lights Returning under new Name? Check this out Thoughts?
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    Gastons retiring pork shanks

    rumors have begin to swirl that Gastons is phasing out the pork shanks. Can anybody confirm this this is only a rumor right now. Thoughts also.
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