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    Trip Report Tough Trip for Grandpa

    We were at Disney from June 10th to June 21st. We stayed at CSR. Remodeled room and after some hard work from Brad and his supervisor they moved us around to honored our room request for the three families. Everyone had a great time-12 people and 3 families. Unfortunately I got a sinus...
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    New Magic Band boxes disappointing.

    Maybe someone can be of assistance on this thread. In the past our magic bands came in a classy decorative box or container. They are a part of our collection of Disney mementos and keepsakes. We received this year's magic bands for our trip June 10th thru 21st. Unfortunately they came in a...
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    Why is Iger hosting DNC fundraiser?

    Iger hosting a $32000 fundraiser for democrat senate candidates. It just makes no sense for the leader of Disney to be involved in partisan politics to this extent. Not one of the senators voted for the tax bill, which has already benefited millions of our citizens. Just a little too in my...
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    Will Iger give pay raises?

    Was wondering if Iger will join the over 200 corporations that are giving bonuses, pay raises, and additional contributions to workers 401's. Iger is so anti Trump I doubt it. His pride would never allow it. If he does do anything for his workers. he will still not give Trump credit. I...
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    MK closing at 10:00. Why?

    It seems rather cheap to be closing the MK at 10:00 in the summer months. Summer is the only time many can make the Disney trip and with the price of tickets why would they close at 10:00, Does Disney care about its patrons anymore?
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