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    He'll be over 21 and I'll be under 21 but he would request a wellness room anyways (religious beliefs against alcohol, etc.) Ok...this is a REALLY awkward question but... I'm Pagan, and I have a small altar I keep for worship purposes and I take it around with me. No candles, no incense...
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    How easy is it to get ourselves into the same housing complex if we both stay on site? I know there's three, but is there any way to make a preference of some kind? It's really not as much about the staying overnight as it is my family is very protective and wants someone to stay near me "just...
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    leaving behind a relationship?

    I'm actually engaged (18 might seem young to be engaged, but it's a bit traditional in my family, and my grandmother was married at 14) and living with my fiance. We've been living together for six months. When I said I wanted to do this program, he sat still for about five seconds and then...
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    I'm thinking of doing the spring semester and have to start worrying about it early because I live in an apartment with my fiance. He's going to attempt to get into the internship, as well, but I have a few questions: 1. How difficult is it to get into the program? Does having a family member...
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