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    World Series Champion Red Sox

    I was just wondering...are any members of the Red Sox scheduled to be in a parade this week? #BostonStrong

    Beastly Kingdomme still possible?

    Now, this isn't a "BK is coming!" rumor or anything...which is why it is in "General Discussion" Let's just play "What if?" for a minute. Many of the Imagineers that worked on the Beastly Kingdomme project got hired by Universal and the concept of (not actual rides/attractions) it became The...

    Life Of Pi

    I went to see this one on Friday and here it is...Monday and I'm still thinking about it. Let me preface this by saying that I haven't read the book. This movie absolutely blew me away...I'm sure the book is better and I do plan on reading it now. In this day and age...with the way...

    February Trip

    Ok, I've been to WDW plenty of times but have only been down there in February when I was a little kid...and I don't really remember much of it. Usually we shoot down there in either May or October but this year it looks as if February is the best time for us. The week we decided on is 2/8...

    Best Moderate for a Toddler

    Ok...the name of the thread says it all. My little girl is going to be 2 when we go...and she loves the water. I'm envisioning that we'll be at the resorts a lot more on this trip that I'm use to. So, which resort has the best pool? Best for little ones? Easiest (quickest)...

    Independence Over Disney

    I was just wondering if anybody had any info on Independence in Windemere. My parents recently bought a townhouse in there and was contemplating staying there on our next trip rather than staying in the park. Sure, it would obviously be cheaper for us...but I'd pay more if staying in...

    I'm a Daddy!

    Last night at 8:55, our baby Hannah Isabella was born. I now know what "love at first sight" means. I know people say it all the time but it's true...there is no better feeling on Earth! I'm not the "handiest" of guys but I'm very proud of this little package I helped create!

    R.I.P. Farrah :(

    The dang evil piece of crap disease got the best of her :( RIP.

    R.I.P. Ed McMahon

    ... Now you can be with Mr. Carson again...
  10. WDWFREAK53

    Air France 447

    Well, we've all heard about the plane that lost contact from Rio to France... Did the Bermuda Triangle claim another? They're saying that it was rough turbulence...and assume it was struck by lightning...but one has to wonder. 4-8-15-16-23-42? :lookaroun It doesn't look good :(
  11. WDWFREAK53

    It's a.........

    GIRL! :sohappy: Ok, but it's really only a "hypothetical" girl. They couldn't tell one way or the other so, because they didn't see a... ahem... thingy, it has to be a girl. (This baby was packaged up so tight you couldn't see a dang thing!). Another ultrasound in 3 weeks should be...
  12. WDWFREAK53

    Calling All Ryans!

    :lookaroun that is all :D
  13. WDWFREAK53

    RIP Bea Arthur :(

    She was Dorothy...the daughter of Sophia...and roomies with Rose and Blanche. Bea, Thank you for being a friend. You will be missed.
  14. WDWFREAK53

    Coronado Springs - Casitas

    Hi all, I was just wondering something... The other day I called to book a room at Coronado Springs and I got a price. It was a very reasonable price of $180/night. So, for 3 days it came to about $600. I then requested the Casitas area...and she punched that in and it came out to be...
  15. WDWFREAK53

    Hey Peeps

    Buckle yourself in... Is this world ready for another one of me? It better be because Tina and I are having A BABY!!!!!!
  16. WDWFREAK53

    Very obscure question that hopefully someone knows the answer to.

    I have been looking all over the place. I saw on either a 'True Hollywood Story' or some other show like that... Back in the 70's (I believe)...there was a band (I want to say it was "YES") and the singer went on to write a rock opera...on ice. This failed miserably...and it involved a...
  17. WDWFREAK53

    Anniversary of the most important piece of technology ever invented.

    Today, is the anniversary of the invention of one of, if not THE, most important piece of technology ever invented...and we can't even touch one yet! Today, November 5, 2008 marks the 53rd anniversary (YES, it's 53 years old!!!) of the.... The Flux...
  18. WDWFREAK53

    Disney in Oahu?

    I just read on MSN about plans for a Disney resort/timeshare on Oahu...does anybody have any details?
  19. WDWFREAK53

    Playstation 3

    Hello all, I'm currently in the market for a Playstation 3. Basically, I'm only purchasing it for its Blu-Ray capabilities. (It's the cheapest one out there, it upconverts, and it has the ability to download the firmware to keep it up to date.) There are only a handful of games that...
  20. WDWFREAK53

    Could this solve the Transportation Woes?

    Disney may be the place to try something like this out!!! Have longer bus-sized ones that run the main routes during busy times...and then dispatch individual ones to the hotels, etc. during non-peak travel times. :shrug:
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