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  1. DMC-12

    Can you remember the first attraction you ever did in Disney World?

    Pretty sure mine was the Skyway Buckets in 1980.
  2. DMC-12

    Adam the woo is back!

    He doesn't post to the main channel anymore. He does a daily vlog as others have said / posted on his vlog channel. Adam is good people. :)
  3. DMC-12

    Favourite smells at WDW

    -Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie -Tangierine Café -The Rotisserie Chicken smell wafting around Sunshine Seasons. -Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe -Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe Are just some of the really memorable ones for me off the top of my head.
  4. DMC-12

    New Train Station Sign

    I haven't logged in for a couple of years... I logged in to mainly like this and to say thanks for the chuckle this early AM. :D
  5. DMC-12

    The Negativity Thraed

  6. DMC-12

    Very Sad News

    :( RIP unkadug. I enjoyed our back and forth banter in the negativity threads over the years.
  7. DMC-12

    The Negativity Thraed

    I LOL'ed IRL
  8. DMC-12

    How Many Days for You? Part 12

    14 more days... then I can turn corporate sync off on my phone... :D
  9. DMC-12

    The Negativity Thraed

    So... no sarcasm with this post... I am just so over all the Frozen banter... for or against. I am just done with it all. If I see a Frozen thread I am going to just skip it.. or close my browser and move on with my life. Just enough already with this IP. /rant
  10. DMC-12

    Underrated/Overrated Sit Downs

    Underrated: -The Wave -Liberty Tree Tavern (for lunch). Overrated: -BoG -Sci-Fi Dine in -Le Cellier -Chef Mickeys -O'hana -San Angel Inn
  11. DMC-12

    MNSSHP - Adults, you dressing up?

    I'll be there OCT 1st. No costume. Unless you consider a late 30-something portly IT guy dressed as a tourist a costume :D:cautious:. Just going for the fireworks and parade mostly. :cool:
  12. DMC-12

    The Negativity Thraed

    I hate ppl that leave discussion forums for a while... and think they can just waltz right back in... *cough* :lookaroun :cautious:
  13. DMC-12

    What Would You Ban?

    Douchebaggery and perceived self entitlement. Actually... these can both be banned in the real world as well.
  14. DMC-12

    How Many Days for You? Part 12

    17 days!
  15. DMC-12

    what was the best WDW guest meltdown you've observed

    I once seen a mother go nuclear over her little kid not wanting to do Alien Encounter (yeah... this was a long time ago). TL;DR version: Little boy, maybe 7y/o if even that, did not wanna go on Alien Encounter (the kid was crying and visibly nervous and shaken). Well trashy mother of the year...
  16. DMC-12

    Updated Flight Ban over WDW Property

    I would like a sky writer to do this one over EPCOT. I'll help pay for it. Others need to be touched by his noodly appendage.
  17. DMC-12

    Selma Cookies!

    I do! :hungry: Oh no... I'll have to get one to try (lets be honest... I was gonna get a couple anyways). I hope they are still awesome... just not as... you know..
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