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  1. DisneyFreak529

    Concerned about Fantasmic

    You should not worry, it will be ok. I would be more worried about misplaceing your WDW pass. Kidding it will be ok.!! Have a good trip.
  2. DisneyFreak529

    Disney always celebrating something!

    Everyone loves a party! :sohappy:
  3. DisneyFreak529

    Why Nemo in the Living Seas and Not Little Mermaid?

    I loved Nemo better then the little Mermaid!
  4. DisneyFreak529

    Cars Friends Are Coming To MGM

    Sounds a little corny to me.
  5. DisneyFreak529

    Pirates of the Caribbean concept art, including new entrance

    Thanks for the info I loved the drawning. I love POTC... Only time will tell what they will do.
  6. DisneyFreak529

    Crackdown at Disney

    Wow I love to speed... Thanks for the info.
  7. DisneyFreak529

    A great honor!

    Wow that is wonderful! CONGRATS!!
  8. DisneyFreak529

    Go Yankees!

    :lol: I always do. :lol:
  9. DisneyFreak529

    Finding Nemo--The Musical (replacement for Tarzan Rocks!) confirmed opening late 2006

    I think idea is really stupid. Like every one said... there was no music in Nemo?? Am I missing somthing... is this a joke?
  10. DisneyFreak529

    Everest trek uncovers exotic species

    What a cute little monkey thing... :wave:
  11. DisneyFreak529

    Why did WDW close Alien Encounter?

    I know right.. WOW! WE WANT AE BACK!! Stitch sucks!
  12. DisneyFreak529

    What do you think is next for AK?

    a finding Nemo musical... are you kidding?? :lol:
  13. DisneyFreak529

    The latest resting place of past Disney Treasures

    Didn't some one buy an old Monorail car once & put in in there back yard.?
  14. DisneyFreak529

    A Word in Edgewise-Word Assoc. V

  15. DisneyFreak529

    American Idol Look-likes

    Stop I love Taylor! I'm a memeber of the Soul Patrol! I have loved him since Day #1
  16. DisneyFreak529

    Go Yankees!

    Why are we losing tonight!! ***!! :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
  17. DisneyFreak529

    POTC II Ship

    that is a cool picture, I loved it.
  18. DisneyFreak529

    Go Yankees!

    I think your in the wrong forum..... :lol:
  19. DisneyFreak529

    Western Way open (with pictures)

    Nice photos, thanks for posting!!
  20. DisneyFreak529

    Go Yankees!

    WHOOO 15-1 Go A-Rod, nice grandslam!
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