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  1. DisneySaint

    Main Street Electrical Parade Cancelled Dec 5, 2012?

    I apologize if it's already been posted; I did a search here and on Google and didn't find anything. For months now I've had the MEP listed as being on the night of Wednesday December 5th, as the parade runs basically every Wednesday in December. In fact, WDWMagic still has it listed as running...
  2. DisneySaint

    Your Family's Personal WDW 'Slang'

    Not everyone calls attractions by their name. Families will often come up with their own slang for rides, restaurants, or anything really. Sometimes it’s way off the wall and it might make no sense to anyone outside that family, sometimes it’s just a knowing mispronunciation (if I had a nickel...
  3. DisneySaint

    Disney Announces Shanghai Park

    Link will follow later (unless someone else can post it before then), but Disney has announced it's expansion into Shanghai theme park which will begin with a Magic Kingdom-style park featuring unique Shanghai elements.
  4. DisneySaint

    Figment & Brother Bear Character Greetings Ended 3/15

    Just an FYI: Regular character appearances of Figment at "Figment's Place" as well as Kona & Kenai of Brother Bear in Canada ceased on March 15th. EDIT: Sorry - didn't see it had already been posted. Please delete mods.
  5. DisneySaint

    LAX/SNA to Disneyland then to Long Beach Port then back to LAX/SNA

    Ok I have a real stickler for you guys. For our next vacation, my wife wants to go on a cruise and I want to go to Disneyland. So we got to thinking - let's do both! Being that I'm from Orlando, this is a trip within itself to get across the country. What we'd like to do is hit Disneyland...
  6. DisneySaint

    Epcot Quick Hits (12/5/07)

    - Echoing the Sentinel's report, SSE appears to be looking at a soft opening around mid-December, so those of you arriving after next weekend may have to give it a pass. There are murmurs of some "testing" that will take place even sooner, but that's scraping the bottom of the barrel. - The...
  7. DisneySaint

    Report Fresh from Epcot's 25th

    Couple of quick hits for you guys on this morning's happenings: - People began lining up around 6-6:30am. Turnstiles opened at around 7:30 at which point masses of people ran like lightning to get to the merchandise at Pin Central and its neighboring cart. Within seconds the line was backed...
  8. DisneySaint

    Live from Epcot - Stars are off SSE!

    Sorry, no photos ... don't have that capability. ALL of the stars are off of Spaceship Earth this morning, but the white pegs they sit on remain. No further progress has been made on the steel structure of the wand itself. Hopefully someone will have pics later this evening... ***9:54 AM...
  9. DisneySaint

    EMH for CM's

    Another dumb question, but can you get an EMH wristband as a CM or is it absolutely strictly for resort guests? Looking to stay at MK tomorrow 'till Midnight! :wave:
  10. DisneySaint

    F&W Cast Preview Question

  11. DisneySaint

    Cross-Training as a CP

    Anyone know how or even if you can be cross-trained at another attraction as a CP? There are some things on the extra hours hotline that I'd like to do but I don't have the training for and wanted to see how I can get it.
  12. DisneySaint

    Checked In!

  13. DisneySaint

    The newest resident of Orlando...

    Well, 12 hours later I'm finally here writing from the floor of my furniture-less apartment off International Drive. So far the move (only about 7 hours old) has been bittersweet. I miss my family, my dog, and the things I take for granted about being "home." You learn quickly that the stuff...
  14. DisneySaint

    Proof of Employment

    I hate to start a new thread but thought my other might be a little too daunting for people to dig through. The apartment I applied to needs proof of employment from my place of work along with a declaration of how much I'm making and how many hours I'll be working. Does anyone know where I...
  15. DisneySaint

    A long write-up about my visit to Orlando...

    As many of you know, I was accepted in Operations for the Fall 2006 college program. For my entire life, particularly the past few years, I've had nothing but tunnel vision about working for Disney. There are no other options. I cannot even begin to fathom what else I'd do, particularly here...
  16. DisneySaint


    Very simple question: Are CMs who work outdoors allowed to wear sunglasses at any time?
  17. DisneySaint

    CP Disney E-mail?

    Quick question: Do you get a e-mail when you do the CP, or any other sort of company e-mail?
  18. DisneySaint


    I just checked my mail looking for a package I was waiting on and a big Disney envelope was in there letting me know I've been accepted for the Fall CP as an operations cast member! I cannot tell you how excited I am! I will post the date I'm arriving once I decide that tonight! I really hope...
  19. DisneySaint

    Just finished my interview

    Went well, I think! She was very nice and my only complaint on my part is I talk talk talk when I'm nervous so I kept going off on a zillion different tangents. I got the question of the kid not tall enough to ride Space Mountain, and how do I deal with bad situations, and a few others I can't...
  20. DisneySaint

    CP credit question

    Here's my [shortened] story: I need 15 hours to graduate. The maximum amount of hours I can take over the summer at LSU is 12. I've accepted the fact I cannot get my degree until December, but I am having an harder time trying to deal with the fact I may not get to move to Orlando until...
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