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  1. Missymoe4

    Disney Travel Journal

    Hi folks, I wanted to share a Disney travel journal I made for my last trip. I used this as a place to write notes in, and later I will create a scrapbook. In the past, I would simply scrapbook my trips. However, time is not always on my side, and I found myself forgetting what we did on which...
  2. Missymoe4

    Food and Wine 2016 + Gift Card + Tips

    Hello, I thought I heard somewhere (it may have been a podcast) about a gift card deal for Food and Wine Festival. If I purchased a certain amount while at WDW, I would get an extra amount put on the gift card. I have found that with a $200 gift card there is a lanyard and metal. I have...
  3. Missymoe4

    Birthday Celebration for Adult Male

    Just wondering if you have had an in-room celebration for a birthday. My brother will be turning 30. It would be perfect if WDW delivered alcohol to rooms instead of popcorn and cake. Has anyone had an in-room celebration? Was it worth the expense?
  4. Missymoe4

    Grand Floridian Club Level (Sugar Loaf)

    Hello friends, What is your take on the GF Club Level. Right now I can pay a little bit more and secure a Sugar Loaf room. Is it worth the extra $500 for my trip? If so, tell me what you like and dislike. I like to hear all opinions!
  5. Missymoe4

    Boardwalk Inn

    Hello fellow WDW lovers. I have been to WDW over 25 times and have stayed at either a MK resort or Port Orleans. This trip, due to pricing, we were thinking of staying at the Boardwalk Inn. I'm afraid to push the button. I'm still wavering between the MK resorts and the Boardwalk Inn. Part of...
  6. Missymoe4

    MK Resorts -- Concierge Level

    What hotel has the best concierge: Contemporary, Polynesian or Grand Floridian? Why?
  7. Missymoe4

    Change "Room Only" into Package?

    Hello, I typically book a package, but this year I booked under a "room only". Now that I'm about 11 days out from my vacation, my party suddenly is considering a "package" for the food plan. The money is not the issue (I know that if I change to a package all the money is due). My question is...
  8. Missymoe4

    Annual Passholder Room Discount for Summer

    Hello! I'm considering purchasing the annual pass. I currently have a room only reservation for August 2 - 8 in the Contemporary. I reviewed the discounts offered for dining and merchandise. However, I would like to know what the current promotion "Passholders: Enjoy this cool summer offer" is...
  9. Missymoe4

    Toiletries at the Contemporary

    Hi folks, This may be a silly question to ask, but can anyone tell me what toiletries are currently provided in the rooms of the Contemporary? I will be staying for a week in the Garden Wing and if I can get away with not having to pack my own shampoo and conditioner, etc., that would be...
  10. Missymoe4

    Gift Cards & "Room Only" Reservation

    Hello, This is the first time I have made a "room only" reservation. In the past, I was able to book a package and pay off my balance prior to arrival. I use Disney gift cards to save myself some money. However, with the room only reservation, I cannot pay off my balance until I arrive at the...
  11. Missymoe4

    I just booked a surprise trip

    My brother and I have been scheming for quite some time to do something for my parents. The past few years have been really tough on my parents and for them, taking a trip to WDW will never happen again..or so they think!!! My brother and I have been saving for awhile and doing without to make a...
  12. Missymoe4


    When checking in this morning at Coronado, the cast member brought up our reservation and I knew something was up because her face turned and she called over the supervisor/manager. The cm pointed at the computer and told the manageer to 'look' at whatever was written on the computer. The...
  13. Missymoe4

    Adventureland Tiki Heads Area Music

    Some of you may well have found this long before me, but here's some music for your enjoyment.
  14. Missymoe4

    Port Orleans French Quarter

    For the first time we're staying in Port Orleans French Quarter for 9 nights, 10 days. I've read some about it, but do you have anything else to share? Also, should I request staying in a particular area (numbered building) or just let them choose. Any of your suggestions or "beware!!" would...
  15. Missymoe4

    Monorail Issues

    I just returned from a 12 day trip to WDW. In the following days, I will provide a full trip report. However, for now I would like to ask this question--have you seen a decrease in how the monorail has been running? I stayed in both the Contemporary and the Polynesian for the duration of...
  16. Missymoe4

    Compare package prices.

    I originally booked my Disney vacation with a dining pin code. I upgraded to the dining plan (as opposed to the QS pin I was given), and then upgraded again to the deluxe dining plan. I thought I was getting a good deal. Then I decided to switch my hotel (from PO to the Contemporary). When I...
  17. Missymoe4

    The Darkroom in HS

    Does anyone know if The Darkroom sells cameras other than Kodak (such as Nikon or Canon)? Also, are there any other shops on property that sell cameras?
  18. Missymoe4

    Help with Dining Credits

    I'm not sure if I'm using the correct wordage. Also, this will be my first time using the dining plan. I really want to get the most out of it I can. Are all restaurants worth one dining credit? I thought that I heard/read somewhere that Cinderella's Royal Table is two dining credits. Are...
  19. Missymoe4

    Port Orleans Riverside v. French Quarter

    I have stayed at Riverside a few times, and have enjoyed the time I have spent. But, since I've stayed at Riverside, something keeps telling me to look into possibly staying at the French Quarter instead. I don't know if I should go with the "same" or totally mix things up and go with a...
  20. Missymoe4

    Quick Service Dining Plan

    Does the Quick Service Dining Plan run on "credits" as well (like I've read about in the other dining plans)? So, if I wanted three meals in one day (for an EMH night) I could do so, since the plan runs on credit allotments? Also, have you used the QS Dining Plan? How did that work out for...
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