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    Help planning my first full day of Resort hopping

    I'm going with a friend in June and they aren't getting admission tickets. I'd like to spend a whole day resort hopping and would like some recommendations for specific things to see/do/eat/drink. What are your favorite tips?
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    What is the timing like for Dumbo?

    I'm taking my 5yo nephew soon. I could get a FP but think he might like the play room. If the posted wait is say 40 minutes, how long do you spend in a regular line? And then how long in the play area? Thanks in advance.
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    Can't See HS or Epcot FPs

    Is this only me? Any date I select, I can view MK and AK FP times, but if I select HS or Epcot I get an error message. I've logged out, cleared cache, uninstalled, restarted and nothing happens.
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    FP+ Strategy for Maximizing Under Age 3 Guest

    My SO and I are AP holders, visit a couple times a month, so when our friends book a trip with us we give them our FPs so they can get 2x the rides while we just leisurely enjoy the park with them. This worked especially well when my sister and her SO brought my 2 1/2 yo nephew with us to MK...
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    How is there not a Last Jedi thread already? (SPOILERS PROBABLY)

    Surprised there isn't discussion already! Saw it last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. Hands down better than Force Awakens in my opinion, which I also liked. Will be going to see in the theater again in the coming weeks.
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    Name and Age to Link?

    Sorry for the newb question but I couldn't find this detail anywhere. A couple friends got 4 day tickets and we want to plan our trip together with our APs. They don't have resort reservations. I see the option to enter name and age to add other people but what happens next? I haven't tried to...
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    My 3 YO Nephew Went on Dinosaur! (My Fault)

    Being the family Disney nut, I offered to book fastpass for my sister who was going to AK with her husband and 3 year old son. I mentioned the child swap option and booked a fastpass for Everest. She told me she remembered getting sick on that ride during her last trip years ago. I said no...
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    Disney Goes to Battle with Deadmau5 over Mouse Ears Logo

    Disney executives are locked in a battle with dance music star Deadmau5 over allegations his logo is too similar to the company’s iconic image of Mickey Mouse. The Ghosts ’n’ Stuff hitmaker applied for a trademark last year to use his brand to cover a diverse range of products including...
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    Former Disney Princess AMA on Reddit

    I always enjoy blogs, videos etc. from former face characters. This girl was Pocahontas, Mulan and Silvermist. Started yesterday, still going live today. Some highlights if you don't want to read the...
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    Amazon Clashes with Disney, Blocking DVD Presales of ‘Captain America,’ ‘Maleficent’ and Others

    ' currently is not offering DVD pre-orders for most upcoming Disney releases in the U.S. — including “Maleficent” and “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” — in what looks like a replay of the e-commerce giant’s homevideo standoff with Warner Bros. terms earlier this summer.' Full...
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    James Cameron Developing ‘Avatar’ Live Show with Cirque du Soleil

    Potential La Nouba replacement? From Variety: Daniel Lamarre, president and CEO of Cirque du Soleil announced the details of the show, which will debut in late 2015, Thursday in Montreal during the international business C2MTL– Commerce + Creativity Conference. Twentieth Century Fox, the...
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    @EpcotCentre on Twitter

    The best way to stay on top of the latest Epcot news. Some sample posts: 'The landscapers put down new sod here at Epcot. The last thing we need is people trampling all over it, so please stay on the footpaths.' 'Please be advised that the gentleman who signed hundreds of autographs for...
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    Legal Battle Between Heirs to Disney Fortune
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    The End of Originality?

    With the tremendous success of WWoHP for Uni, Carsland for Disneyland and the expected arrival of Pandora and Star Wars expansion, are original concepts a thing of the past for major stateside theme parks? It seems that the parks now believe they can't rely on an unknown concept to deliver...
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    Imagineering Documentary Trailer in the link!
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    Eat to the Beat thread!

    Share your videos, pictures and stories from Eat to the Beat! Here is Sister Hazel from 2011. I love this band!
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    Pacific Rim

    Go see this movie people! It's doing pretty decent globally, but it is insulting that it was beaten stateside by Grown Ups 2. That just cements in the studios minds that people would rather watch sequels of crap than original, interesting stories even from high-profile directors. It has a solid...
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    Dr. Bose passed away

    Today Dr. Amar Bose, founder of Bose corporation, passed away. I've had the joy of working for Bose for the last nine years and although I never met him, I am so thankful to Dr. Bose for creating a brilliant company with righteous ideals. Thanks to him, I have learned so much about technology...
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