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  1. DMC-12

    z0mgWTFomgBBQmnsshp Pre Tr1pe0rt!11!1

    OMG Guise!!! Pre-trip report!!!! :eek: :sohappy: I am so excited I am going to p33 mai pantz!!!!!! t00 late... I already did!!!111!1!11 :eek: I cant wate togo to AK and see future Avat0rz landz... and see the building of princeseses land at the Em Kay!11!!!1!! :sohappy: Im gunna...
  2. DMC-12

    Happy Birthday Figment1986!

    Happy Birthday Figment1986! :king::sohappy::sohappy::king:
  3. DMC-12

    0bn0xi0us Posting Stylez II - 4 teh lulz

    o hai gnu hur :wave: The Purpose of this thread is NOT to ridicule or point out any one member of this or any board, but is to outdo the previous poster in obnoxious, irrita- ting, hard to comprehend and understand posting style. The body of the text is irrelevant and should not be...
  4. DMC-12

    Tiki Room-Pre show: Does it creep anyone else out...

    Does it creep anyone else out, to still hear Phil Hartman's voice over during the Tiki Room preshow? I never used to get creeped out by it. I have always been: "Oh cool... thats Phil Hartman!". However on my last couple of trips... I now think: "Eeek... thats Phil Hartman! His life was...
  5. DMC-12

    Happy birthday Tigggrl!1!!1!1!one!1!

    :lol: Mmm cake :lookaroun
  6. DMC-12

    My New Dell XPS 700 Rig *pics*

    Its sick fast... boot time is seconds with dual core and 4GB of DDR2 667mhz ram. Plus a nVidia 7900 GTX -- will upgrade to SLI down the road. :lol: :o Sorry... the first pic is a little dark... I havnt installed all my software yet. :sohappy: :sohappy: :sohappy:
  7. DMC-12

    Movin onto a camcorder... [thoughts?]

    Ok... So I have tons (gigs upon gigs) of digital hi-res pics of wdw, and I have decided to move onto video. :drevil: :sohappy: -Since I have shakey hands... I need something with image stabilization. -I also want something with a good nightshot (but without irritating people in...
  8. DMC-12

    Upgrading a park hopper to an AP...

    Quick question... I have a 10 day magic your way ticket with the park hopper option... I have about 4 days left on it. Now, I wanna upgrade to an AP... So the question is... do they take the CURRENT value (4 days) and apply that to an AP? Or... Do they take the total value...
  9. DMC-12

    Sony PSP test post

    Test posted via Psp browser and WiFi
  10. DMC-12

    DMC-12's big meaty fun trip report (better late than never!)

    DMC-12's big meaty fun trip report (better late than never!) Hey Gang.... first are up and are at: Details... DEC 10-17th... 7 total in our group. Con: -Chef Mickeys: AWFUL!! just horrible!... The...
  11. DMC-12

    Happy Birthday Vince! (MerHearted)

    Hey Vince!! Have a GREAT birthday bud!! :sohappy: :king: :king: :sohappy: :xmas: *gives you T.O. (bound and gagged of course) * :lookaroun
  12. DMC-12

    I am sooooooooooooo excited!!

    Soooo last night... I booked my airfare AND I also went online and bought my 10 day park hopper!!! :sohappy: I was soooooooooooo excited, like, OMG, that I even wet my pants!!! :eek: :sohappy: Soooo, my park hopper will, like, be here anyday now, like, OMG!!! *is toooooooooooo...
  13. DMC-12

    DB error *test*

    Hey Steve... I tried to post elsewhere in the forum but I get the following message: There seems to have been a slight problem with the WDWMAGIC.COM Forums database. Please try again by pressing the refresh <javascript:window.location=window.location;> button in your browser. An...
  14. DMC-12

    Jer's big meaty fun WDW Trip Summary

    ... yeah... I figured a summary would be much better than a full blown (read: long, wordy, and boring) trip report... :lol: I have a lot of pics to post as well... (with quite a few mullets I will be adding to the mullet thread as well). The Playahs!: -DisneyJill -speck76 -Donickco...
  15. DMC-12

    Off to WDW!

    Well gang,.. its been a hellish year and a half since my last trip to WDW... but I am off first thing tomorrow morning to bask in magic and pixie dust! I have put up a harsh.. but subtle "out of office AutoReply" on my Outlook at work... (aka.. "dont friggin call me!") :lol: . I Turned...
  16. DMC-12

    Can I still purchase a park hopper at the disney store?

    Greetings :D :wave: Heading to WDW next Friday... got a good "room only" rate at Pop Century... So now I just need a park hopper.... Does anyone know if they still sell the park hoppers at the Disney Stores? I mean... with the new owners and all.. I'm just not sure. Thanks...
  17. DMC-12

    Happy Birthday CalDisney!

    Hey Mitch! I hope you are having a great day bud! So what did Carla get you (besides the spankings)? :eek: :lookaroun :lol: *cake and ice cream for all!* :slurp:
  18. DMC-12

    "Users browsing this forum" Where did it go?

    Hiya Steve, (or anyone else that may be able to help me). I remember in this new setup... at the bottom... there was a box that said "users browsing this forum" (and it was also in the old forums to, but on top)... but now its gone... do I have something set up wrong in my User Cp? I...
  19. DMC-12

    Happy Birthday Tigggrl!

    Happy Birthday to ya Carla! :kiss: Is Mitch gonna give ya spankins? :veryconfu :eek: :lol: ;)
  20. DMC-12

    Yay for shiny, fast things!

    Well... I finally did it... after talking about it for months... (pffft couple years really now, LOL). I got my dream car... (no... not the DeLorean... needed something more practical :lol: ) My CTS! :sohappy: It’s not the silver one I said I was going to get... I went...
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