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  1. goalman43

    NYT: "Universal....Takes Aim at Disney"

    here here. totally agree. increased pressure and attendance at uni, can only lead to disney upping the ante and creating and developing better things for us.
  2. goalman43

    NYT: "Universal....Takes Aim at Disney"

    here here. totally agree. increased pressure an attendance at uni, can only lead to disney upping the ante and creating an developing better things for us.
  3. goalman43

    The Disney Look is Changing

    god forbid someone have a beard! IMO it is about time. That is probably the most dated dress code policy i've ever heard. A well groomed beard is not going to detract from anyone's appearance.
  4. goalman43

    Disney Books

    Try Mouse Tales and Realityland by David Koenig. The first is mostly about Disneyland, but the second is totally dedicated to WDW. Both are fascinating, but keep in mind they are not Disney approved so they have a few stories that show some of the mishaps and accidents that have invlved the park...
  5. goalman43

    Longest Wait Time for a Ride?

    300 minutes on ToT on christmas day a few years ago. my wife's best friend sent us a picture of the sign. craziest time i ever saw.
  6. goalman43

    HM Room?

    i believe its going to be one of the room options at the new Art of Animation Resort, along with pirates and princess
  7. goalman43

    Why is There No Availability?!

    Ok, so my wife and I are going to the world January 5th thru the 9th. I am running in the half marathon, and just kind of decided to do it in the last couple weeks. So I went to make a reservation for a studio at bay lake tower and have been told there is no availability for that time period...
  8. goalman43

    Inside Edition undercover report on WDW hotels. 5:58 pm eastern

    OH dear lord in heaven!! They wash the cups with their bare hands! Heaven forbid. There might be germs in the room! To all of you germaphobic paranoids out there, who wash your hands 84 times a day, and and use purell everytime they touch anything in public (by the way you are also the people...
  9. goalman43

    Costume Ideas for MNSSHP

    Ok, so we'll be in WDW Oct. 25-29, and will be attenting the party on the 26th. I'm wracking my brain trying to think of something cool to dress up as. Something good, yet easy enough to walk around in. Anybody have any ideas they've either done in the past or they think might work?
  10. goalman43

    Do you have a favorite character experience?

    2 year ago my now wife and I went for 6 days following my graduation from pharmacy school. being the big kids that we are we went to have Character breakfast at Cape May. Well we were doing our usual bit of eating and taking pictures with the characters when over walks Goofy. Well me, being the...
  11. goalman43

    Halloween Pictures

    So I've been scouring the net looking for some good picturs of the park during Halloween time to use as Desktop Wallpaper, but I cant seem to find anything. If anybody has some good pictures, please post them here.
  12. goalman43

    Who is going to MNSSHP?

    If I can think of something cool, that is practical to walk around in the park, yes. I know that most of the people going with us are dressing up at least a little bit.
  13. goalman43

    Disney today - are we getting value for our money?

    you really have to look at the overall picture. Look at the price of gas, the price of a car, or a new house. These things always have and always will increase in price over time. I'm no economics expert, but this is a basic fact of life. Does it suck that tip is no longer included with DDP ...
  14. goalman43

    Disney Clothes

    Yeah I would definitley say go to They dont usually have a great selection of stuff for men, but they do have a ton of women's stuff that my wife loves. Either way their selection (for men and women) is loads better than the Disney Store. I have rarely been able to find...
  15. goalman43

    5th gate

    5th Gate? Definitley. When? Who knows Disney keeps talking about wanting to expand in the US outside of Florida and California. They keep bringing up other smaller parks and resorts located around the country. I believe we'll see some of that materialize before we see another park open at WDW.
  16. goalman43

    Disney in Williamsburg Va?

    interesting article. I was wrong on the Williamsburg part. My Dad doesnt live too far from the Piedmont area, and I can understand local concern. However, instead of a wonderful, well-run Disney complex, they now have the joys of Wal-Mart and fast food. Big win they got there. Oh well.
  17. goalman43

    Disney in Williamsburg Va?

    Thanks for the info. Looks like it would have been great. Oh well, we can always hope. I know Virginia was also a possiblity when they were looking for property for WDW. I guess we might be in the back of their mind somewhere.
  18. goalman43

    Disney in Williamsburg Va?

    I dont know if this thread is in the right place, but I'd say about 15 years ago there was talk of Disney being interested in building some sort of property in Williamsburg, VA. I know that the locals had a hissy fit and basically prevented anything from happening. At the time I was not really...
  19. goalman43

    If you worked at WDW...

    I'd have to work in The Haunted Mansion. "now kindly drag your bodies to the dead center of the room" Awesome.
  20. goalman43

    Worst WDW Vacation EVER!!!!!

    Wow dude, you had a wammy of a trip. I can't relate a whole lot in that I have never really had any problem in WDW, much less the myriad of events you experienced. It sounds to me like you had to deal with the first summer crowds effect on the CM's. Not that heat and work is an excuse for...
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