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  1. devjohnson

    Original Disney Plans in Toronto

    I was reading that Walt Disney was planning a Disney in Toronto, Canada. He scrapped the idea due to short seasons. The idea was replaced by Canada's Wonderland owned by Cedar Fair which also owns Cedar Point, Kings Dominion, Knotts Berry Farm, and Carowinds. Canada's Wonderland was also the...
  2. devjohnson

    Seatbelt tower of terror

    Does anyone do this when you ride Tower Of Terror. Loosen the seatbelt and don't hang on to make the ride 100000 times better
  3. devjohnson

    Space Mountain Refurb?

    Anyone know how much progress has been going on? Pictures are nice!:)
  4. devjohnson

    Apple Store at Downtown Disney?

    I know this has been mentioned in the forums, but there wasn't a thread dedicated to the topic. I heard the Virgin Megastore could possibly become a Flagship Apple Store. What do you guys think about that? Would it be too crowded? Would it be too big? Would it be a good business move? Below is a...
  5. devjohnson

    Story of Downtown Disney

    Anyone know what Downtown Disney opened as. I heard it was a village or something
  6. devjohnson

    Mini Golf at Disney

    Has anyone done mini golf at disney and is it fun?
  7. devjohnson

    If disney opened a new park

    If Disney opened a new park, what would you guys want it to be? For me, I would like a BIG thrill park that Disney is lacking. I'm not sure about a theme though. Your thoughts?
  8. devjohnson

    New Shopping Complex at Disney?

    Today, I heard something about a new shopping complex at Disney. If this is true, tell me more info, and what does this mean for the future of Downtown Disney?
  9. devjohnson

    Future of Pleasure Island

    What do you guys think that should happen to PI. Should it become a theme park (carnival type) or should they make more shops?
  10. devjohnson

    1500 Women swimming in bay lake?!??!

    Every year, there is an event at Disney called the Danskin Triathlon. You do a .8k swim, 19k bike, and a 5k run! Around 1500 women do it. The weird part is they have to swim in Bay Lake. Disney did/does not allow people to swim in the lakes. Does this mean the lake isn't deadly...
  11. devjohnson

    Bonnet creek resort info

    I found some info on Bonnet Creek. Last time I went do Disney, I was curious what Bonnet Creek was. Apparently, back in 1962, a buyer bought some land and though it would be good for the future.
  12. devjohnson

    MORE Retro mgm

    I found the Backlot Tour map from when the park first opened. It was around 2+ hours long The tour would even go down Streets Of America (which wasn't accessible from the theme park)
  13. devjohnson

    How do you plan your disney trip

    How do you guys plan your Disney trip? What I do is we go on a 7 day trip. Day One - Relax at the resort after 2 days of driving to Florida Day Two -Magic Kingdom (full day) Day Three - Hollywood Studios plus Fantasmic! (full day) Day Four - Rest and possibly go to Downtown Disney! Day Five...
  14. devjohnson

    Oprah touring underground magic kingdom (circa 90's)

    Circa 1995-2001 (i think) Oprah Winfrey (when she was cool) toured WDW underground Magic Kingdom. They show sunglasses and shoe regulations, the hairdresser, costume room, and some pretty cool info!
  15. devjohnson

    Bay lake and seven seas lagoon (info)

    Did You Know: - The depth of Bay Lake is 1 mile diameter and ONLY 12 ft deep - Seven Seas lagoon is MAN MADE and ONLY 14 ft deep - Fishing was not allowed in the Seven Seas Lagoon until the mid-1990s - APPARANTLY it was discovered that the lagoon had very dangerous Naegleria fowleri...
  16. devjohnson

    Retro mgm studios!!!!

    Opening of MGM! ONLY 2 PARTS Backstage Studio Tour: A two-hour guided tour, with a tram portion and an hour-long walking portion that included a chance to observe actual soundstages for television and motion picture production. (More complex than now) Theme Park: A nicely designed guest area...
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