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  1. networkpro

    Biergarten table service, avoid until they change

    We've always enjoy eating there until today when we got our first dose of the bring it to your table service. The Kalt salat options were tasteless (beets just cut up, macaroni slathered in mayo, the kartoffelnsalat potatoes not fully cooked). The entree platter was full, in fact too full for...
  2. networkpro

    Minnie Mouse limited items

    Fyi the are three of the 12 months of Minnie Merch available at Sir Mickeys in MK right now. We picked up the pin sets and magic bands but they are selling fast. Just came in today. Same that were available online via Merch Pass.
  3. networkpro

    I'm appalled! No hue and cry about a price being increased?

    The peak season price for VIP tours was raised $150 an hour. Now the price range depending on the time of year will range from $450 to $750 an hour with the same 7-hour minimum.
  4. networkpro

    Last nights' private event ...

    Mattias Banker of Parks & Resorts Scandinavia (owners of Grona Lund, Kolmarden, Skara Sommerland, and more) invited Disney cast members to join in with his own castmembers from his parks for an Epic castle show. Something that show runners could take a few suggestions on how to loosent it up a bit.
  5. networkpro

    Networkpro isnt feeling Joyful!

    More of a rant than usual, please skip if you're not interested in quality of musical performances in Epcot. Just when I thought that Joyful! was just too loud in thier old location by the Fountain of Nations and that was all, they surprised me on Monday. With the new stage beside the water...
  6. networkpro

    Any ideas whats going on behind World Showplace ?

    They've got a cofferdam and two cranes in the canal between the DVC Beachclub and the World Showplace.
  7. networkpro

    Signature Celebration Package at Cinderella’s Royal Table experience ( what a disappointment)

    Might be the wrong category, mods please be forgiving. My wife and I saw this pop up as a new offering since our last trip in May so we thought it might be fun and it was new (we loved the Sinister Soiree) Company boiler plate...
  8. networkpro

    Harbinger of the Apocalypse Day 1 No wagons and smoke

    We left yesterday but my twisted sense of humor just would love to hang out around the security check points and former smoking areas in the parks with the new regulations in place this week. I did see Keenz wagons yesterday as well as frantic guests asking cast members for directions to the...
  9. networkpro

    Spring Dapper Day wdw 2019

    What's everyone's opinion so far ? Personally I think it's just plain wierd. Instead of bounding or 40's era clothing we've seen in the spring it's just devolved into just fancy dress just any sort of allowable attire thats just not street clothing.
  10. networkpro

    Trader Sam's?

    For those of ya'll who frequent Sam's, do you believe that their drinks have become worse? We were here tonight and the Hippo Mai Tai and Marguerita tasted identical. So more for effect now than flavors? Dreadful. I
  11. networkpro

    Escaping Magic Kingdom to Drinkingland, Epcot for a better crowd

    Its time to flip the tables on the disparaging commentary of Food and Wine. It was my and my wifes' experience on the 25th and 26th of December this year that leaving the sober precincts of the Magic Kingdom for the land of Drunken debauchery , Epcot yielded a superior experience. Attitudes...
  12. networkpro

    :( Delete

  13. networkpro

    4th fastpass post Phantom guest enforcement action

    For anyone in the parks yesterday or going forward: What's your experience with actually getting a more desirable fastpass ? Have you seen an impact either perceived or actually experienced and improvement from all of those non-revenue fictitious entities with reserved experience reservations...
  14. networkpro

    Raglan Road Brunch menu

    My DW and I had the misfortune to dine at Raglan Road post brunch menu change this past week and were severely disappointed. Gone were the Sangers, roastys, and ham only to be replaced with sad breakfast items and one sad little pie of the day. The only bright spot was my DW's ability to get a...
  15. networkpro

    Love bugs are swarming

    They just came out in numbers in the past day or two. They are pretty bad near the. Mexico Pavilion.
  16. networkpro

    Warning driving through Atlanta GA

    There was just a bridge section collapse this evening on I-85 inside the perimeter Highway so it is currently shut down. The alternative routes (I 75 and I285) will have to absorb the extra traffic which means please avoid during rush hours as it will most assuredly not a pleasant experience...
  17. networkpro

    So you want to have a lightsaber duel in the parks ... soon! Looks like something to one up Universal's Potter Wands.
  18. networkpro

    Let's talk about Boma and the missing Zebra Domes

    If you look at the online menus for Boma for lunch and dinner umder desserts there is now an add on Zebra cupcake for $4.99 and no mention of Zebra domes. Now over on Pete's board they report that they still had Zebra domes out as late as this weekend and also at Mara. I would be quite...
  19. networkpro

    Speaking of Frozen

    It has claimed another victim today in Epcot. Check out @cavadeltequila's Tweet:
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