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    Fries and drinks... here I go complaining.

    Okay, I usually really look forward to the counter service fries at Disney World. My last trip was Aug. 2014. What the heck happened? This trip they were skinny and just... not the same. Also, what is up with the fountain drinks at MK? Last year I even noticed something tasted off, like...
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    Suggestions for Pop Century bed space with 4 people

    I am already looking at next years trip. We are planning for the last couple weeks of August 2016. Usually we stay at Pop and it works great with me, my husband and young daughter. However, next year we are bringing my niece and my Dad. My Dad will get his own room. My niece is 12, she will be...
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    Le Cellier menu question

    Just booked ADR's to Le Cellier for the first time. Always wanted to try it. We are going in September. Anyways, I would love to get the fillet, but don't eat mushrooms. How are they are about substitutions? Also, can anything on the kids meal be substituted as well, is there anything like...
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    Question About Special Item Park Merchandise

    When shopping at Disney World they usually have some sort of spend x-amount of money and you can get a certain item for $20 (usually a beach towel, bag or watch). Just wondering if anyone who's been to the parks recently know what the current deals are for? Sorry I'm not sure what to call that...
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    Tips needed for planning a cruise for 2016, 5 day Western Caribbean

    Sorry if some of these questions have been asked already: We are planning a cruise for late 2016, 5 day Western Caribbean, leaving from Miami. (Me, DD who will be 9 and DH. We are thinking of going late November/ early Dec. How are the crowds? How is the weather? I've read that Castaway Cay...
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    I Dole Whip You!

    Okay, so I wasn't sure where to put this, but I had to share. My husband went into my IPhone and changed my autocorrect, so every time I put in "love" it autocorrects to "Dole Whip". Now our inside joke has become for me to tell him I Dole Whip You, instead of I love you. I guess I should share...
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    But I don't want to drive!!!!

    Okay, so we live in MN, 26 hrs from Orlando. :( Our next trip isn't until next August, but I'm already looking at airfare prices. About $400+/ person (for 3 of us). Plus, if we fly, we will need to rent a car because we will be visiting family the first couple days down there (and we wanted to...
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    Our POP surprise!!! (A Sept. 24-28. 2012 trip report)

    Hello all, I posted a little over a month ago about my husband surprising me and my daughter with a trip to the World. What a great husband and dad! Our trip took place Sept. 24-28, 2012, and we stayed at POP Century Resort. A couple warnings before we start off, I’m not the best...
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    POP Surprise Sept. 24-28 PTR

    Hello all!!! Here is my first PTR, and first time posting pics, took me a little bit, but I figured it out thanks to some helpful boards. My husband and I are long time lurkers and fans of many trip report writers, a lot of you are like celebirties to us. I recently just started posting and...
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    Diet Mnt Dew!!!! @ POP?

    (Sorry if this has been asked before, but I couldn't find it on the search.) Can anyone confirm or deny if Everything POP has diet Mnt Dew? I know the parks don't carry Mnt Dew at all, at least I've never seen it. I'm contemplating ordering groceries if it's not available. LOL!
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    OMG! My husband just surprised me with a Sept trip!!!

    I am new on the boards, but had to share my good fortune. My husband totally surprised me today with a 5 day trip at Pop for the end of Sept this year. Our next trip was supposed to be August 2013. He kept it secret for almost a month. I was in tears after he presented it to me. This is going...
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