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  1. Jose

    Fall break or Thanksgiving holidays?

    Hi! I'm from Spain and I'm studying my fall semester in South Carolina. I have two periods of holidays; fall break (Oct 14-17th) and Thansgiving (Nov 22-26th). My question is: when to visit? Also, I'm planning on getting a 3-day Park Hopper ticket as I work in Disneyland Paris and most rides are...
  2. Jose

    Halloween and Christmas at SDL?

    Will SDL celebrate Halloween and Christmas this year?
  3. Jose

    Could TDR be owned by TWDC?

    Could the japanese resort be someday owned by TWDC?
  4. Jose

    Which resort would you visit?

    After the opening of SDR, which resort would you visit?
  5. Jose

    How is SDL doing?

    Do you know if the attendance is going well at SDL?
  6. Jose

    Learning japanese

    Hi! Do you know if by learning japanese... I could work in Tokyo Disney Resort?
  7. Jose

    SDL will have 3 parks?

    I've been told SDL will have 3 parks... phase 1 is the first park... do you know more about this?
  8. Jose

    New nighttime show at MK?

    I've been told MK is being prepared for a new night show in a not too distant future.. that's why they are building the bypass and the new hub.
  9. Jose

    Idina Menzel, Frozen special in Japan.

  10. Jose

    Jodi Benson sings Disneyland (sept 22, 2014)

    after 28 years... love you Jodi!
  11. Jose

    Frozen ride or overlay

    Hey, what do you think? Maelstrom will get a frozen overlay or they will build a new ride for frozen inside Maelstrom?
  12. Jose

    Ariel in Sofia the First

    Hello! Here you have a video I uploaded in which appears Ariel with Sofia singing "The Love We Share". The song is from the special: The Floating Palace. What do you think?
  13. Jose

    Please sign this petition for The Little Mermaid Ride coming to DLP Thank you!
  14. Jose

    New night parade?

    Do you guys know if MK will receive a new night parade? I think MSEP looks very old... do you know something @WDW1974 ?
  15. Jose


    Is it true that the FOF parade seems much better in person than in photos?
  16. Jose

    New Nighttime Parade for the 60th

    I create the thread for the upcoming night parade!! (1 year away)
  17. Jose

    Cars Land, Star Wars Land, Monstropolis...

    What happens with all these projects? they have been stalled because of the MyMagic+ plan? Thanks
  18. Jose

    Walt Disney World planning a 'Frozen' ride; set to shut down five attractions

    You can read the article here: What do you think about this?
  19. Jose

    Soundsational or FOF?

    The poll is open ;)
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