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  1. Connor002

    Happy Birthday mpoppins76!

    Happy Birthday, Steph! Have a great birthday, Dumbo. :kiss:
  2. Connor002

    Happy Birthday Nicole220!

    Happy birthday, Nicole! There may be presents and heartfelt stuff at a later time.
  3. Connor002

    Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix Secret Movie (English subtitled) My first thought was: THERE'S FRICKIN KEYBLADES EVERYWHERE!!!! :lookaroun I'll form more coherent thoughts in the morning. Yours?
  4. Connor002

    Digital Camcorder & Camera

    Currently browsing digital camcorders, as well as a possible new digital camera for myself. As for the camcorder, something on the lower end for a family, also not sure as to what type/format to go for. Camera, something a step up from point and shoot, hopefully, but still on the lower end...
  5. Connor002

    Harry Potter and the...

    Accoding to, J.K. Rowing has, through her website, given us a Christmas present. The title of Harry Potter, the seventh and final book, will be... (Deathly Hallows)
  6. Connor002

    Random Test

    Let us see...
  7. Connor002

    Kingdom Hearts III

    ... is reported as being on the table. ________________________________________________________________ According to IGN Nomura on Kingdom Hearts III Disney already asking for a sequel. by Anoop Gantayat US, October 30, 2006 - With Kingdom Hearts II now out in America and Kingdom Hearts II...
  8. Connor002

    JavaScript Error

    Hello all. I could use a few tech-y's help. A picture speaks a thousand words, so... Running the most recent versions f both JavaScript and Flash. Any help would be appreciated. Merci en avance...
  9. Connor002

    Laptop Advice

    Hello hopeless techno-geeks! :lookaroun I'm in the market for a laptop, and I could use some advice from those with a bit more experience in the field. I can explain some of my needs if anyone's willing to lend a hand, but it'll take a bit to get my thoughts together... I'll get back with...
  10. Connor002

    Happy Birthday Uponastar

    Happy Birthday Dot! Here's to many more!
  11. Connor002

    Connor v. Nature

    Well, howdy y'all! :lookaroun The past 5 days were interesting... as some of you may know, I was on vacation to Pinegrove Dude Ranch (Currently being renamed to "Pinegrove Ranch and Family Resort) in the Catskills of New York. With my digital camera in hand, I've managed to capture a bit of...
  12. Connor002

    This is not a test!

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  13. Connor002

    MJ's Zero to 5000 in No Time Flat!

    Bonny, maybe this isn't said quite enough, but despite the fact we are all separated by countless lands, we love you and MJ. Well, why's everyone standin' around? Let's pick up where we left off!
  14. Connor002


    What would MJ do? Now... where were we?
  15. Connor002

    DL's 50th Takes to the Skies!

    Disneyland 50th Anniversary Celebration Takes To The Skies With Mickey Mouse! Disneyland Resort 3/31/2006 The Disneyland Resort 50th anniversary celebration is taking to the skies with a 100-foot tall, Mickey Mouse-shaped hot air balloon dubbed "The Happiest Balloon On Earth" (a twist on...
  16. Connor002

    Extreme Makeover: Connor's Undercover Report

    Well, if you haven't guessed (or I already told you :lookaroun ) ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is filming in my area. I hope to provide a few updates and plenty of photos soon.
  17. Connor002

    Disneyland Railroad Gets First New Engine In Nearly 50 Years

    Yet another positive change for DL... Disneyland Railroad Gets First New Engine In Nearly 50 Years, Honors Famed Disney Animator. Disneyland Resort 2/16/2006 In an exclusive ceremony yesterday at Disneyland...
  18. Connor002

    Overtype and Forum Issues

    Alright, I've recently had two problems, the first being a simple fix, I imagine. 1) I sometimes find myself typing a response and accidentally hit some kind of keyboard shortcut to overtype, and I've been unsuccessful at fixing this problem, or changing it back without closing the Reply...
  19. Connor002

    Overtype and Forum Issues

    EDIT: Double Post
  20. Connor002

    Connor, Dan, and Luke's We're-Not-Up-To-Anything-Thread!

    :lookaroun :lookaroun :lookaroun :lookaroun :lookaroun No Internet Moms allowed. ______________________ Come, let us plan our evil doings! :lookaroun :lookaroun :lookaroun :lookaroun :lookaroun
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