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    If They Built EPCOT Today...

    I was just thinking what would EPCOT be like if they built it today? What would have been done differently? What would they include that was not possible in 1982? I think with such recent updates to Test Track, Future World is looking a little more "futuristic" to today's standards.
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    Could the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Look Like This?

    This is "Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars" opening at HKDL.
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    BTMR 2012 refurbishment - What was done?

    is there a list somewhere of what was done?
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    Grizzly Gulch - Coming to WDW? looks pretty nice!
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    Plan C for Pleasure Island something brewing finally?
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    Oct 1st - special surprises at MK?

    anyone have any idea what they are planning? From Twitter: WaltDisneyWorld Walt Disney World "We can't reveal all the details, but guests at Magic Kingdom can expect special surprises on Oct. 1."
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    New effects in The Haunted Mansion

    according to the website inside the magic ... "There are 3 new projectors mounted opposite the Hitchhiking Ghost mirrors at the end of the Haunted Mansion."
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    The Barnstormer vs Harry Potter and The Forbidden Journey

    i think we should all weigh in on which is best....
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    The Flying Dutchman Pirate Ship at Castaway Cay MISSING?

    I have a friend that went on the Disney Dream and she said that The Flying Dutchman was not at Castaway Cay...anyone know why?
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    DVC Stands

    Who else thinks that those stands should be kept outta the parks? Downtown Disney is fine but gotta ask yourself what Walt would think about this.
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    Green Light on TRON E Ticket Design!! With all the buzz surrounding "Tron Legacy" the Suits in Burbank are getting a bit giddy... How Giddy, you ask? Well, with all the positive buzz surrounding the upcoming film, the Bothans tell me that the Imagineers over at WDI...
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    Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith Song List

    Can anyone give me a song list that is both played during the ride and queue areas?
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    Hat Box Ghost Materialized

    just thought this was cool and wanted to share....
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    Odyssey looking a little purple...

    hope they are not completely covering it... :hurl:
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    Will WDW Learn From WWoHP?

    Having been to the WWoHP several times now I am always finding new details in that area. Not only the incredible ride that is Harry Potter and The Forbidden Journey but also the merchandising...having dedicated merch for that area (no other unrelated crap which you see in every attraction gift...
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    Imagineers have set up shop in Soundstage One

    according to this article about Star Wars Weekends... "The other big change this year was the merchandise and overall, I don't think things were as warmly received by guests. The last few years saw...
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    Scaffolding around Rock 'n' Roller Coaster

    There was scaffolding covering the guitar in front last night. Anyone know what they are doing?
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    Adventurers Club Props at D-Street
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    PI Closure - 1.5 Year Anniversary

    from: What do those dates mean? It means today is the 1-1/2 year anniversary of the clubs closing on Pleasure Island. One and a half years of nothing! Paradiso 37 is a nice edition. The new patio of Sosa Cigars...
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    ToT Background Music Level

    I waited in the normal queue line for ToT today and noticed that the music was really low. I barely could hear any of it until I approached the actual building. Seemed as though some speakers weren't working or the music was just not being pumped through them. Anyone know whats up with that?
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