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    Mediterranean cruise 2016

    I have dreamed about going on a Disney Mediterranean cruise since reading Tammy's report. My wonderful mom is seriously considering taking my family and my sisters family next year! I was looking at the cruises available this coming summer. Have they taken all the Greek ports off the table? I...
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    Never heard this before

    My cousin is going on a week cruise over Christmas and then spending two days in WDW on December 27 and 28. She told me that she found a tour guide that will guarantee fast passes for all the rides for $650. She's doing this and splitting the cost with her sister in law. It is not through...
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    Frozen at DHS

    Long story but we moved up our Disney trip and we are arriving on September 28-the last day of the frozen festival. I have twin boys who are 13 and an 11 yr old girl who is not into princesses. We were planning on going to DHS that day. Is the park going to be a zoo? What time do they set off...
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    PO Riverside quick service

    We are arriving at MCO early evening on a Saturday. Does anyone know when the quick service location closes at PO? We may need to pick up dinner at the airport instead. Thanks!
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    Cali grill for appetizers?

    We'll be at Disney in late October. We've had dinner in the past at California Grill and my husband loves the sushi. Not planning on dinner this year but could we show up at the bar and order some as an appetizer? Would they let us up without a reservation?
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    Question about Wolfgang Pucks

    We are going to WDW in late October. On our last trip, 2 years ago, my husband loved our meal (esp the sushi)at Wolfgang Pucks (downstairs). However, I've read several new reviews bashing the restaurant. Anyone go there recently?
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    One night stay before our trip

    I need some advice. My family of 5 is going to the world in October and we are staying at the beach club. We were planning on catching a very early flight on Sunday. However if we fly out on Saturday , we can save $200 and more importantly get a good nights sleep and hit the parks refreshed...
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    Convince me please!

    Our next trip to WDW will be in October 2014. This will probably be our last trip for a while as my boys will be in high school the following year and my husband will not go to Florida in the summer. My kids LOVE the parks. I have only cruised once when I was a teen and while I didn't hate it, I...
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    ECV Fantasmic help

    I've been to WDW multiple times with my family (twin DS age 9 and DD age7). My mom and dad are joining us this September to spend time with the grandkids. Unfortunately, my dad has been recently diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer . He looks good but will need an EVC to get around in the...
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