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    animal kingdom/harambe nights music

    Hey. Was wondering if anyone would recommend any CD's that are similar to the bands who play in the africa section in the animal kingdom? or of the music that was played in Harambe Nights? Tried looking online but typing in african music is a bit too vague lol. Thanks
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    California Grill- nut allergy

    HI, me and the family are going to florida again in the summer. We have booked California grill as my mum has always wanted to try it. im allergic to nuts and a veggie. Anyone one know if they would give me the sweet potatoe gnocchi without the hazelnut emulsion? Or does anyone know what the...
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    souvenir choices

    If you could only take one souvenir away with you from WDW what would it be?
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    epcot buddha boards price?

    Not sure if anyone will be able to answer this but I was wondering if anyone knows how much the Buddha boards in epcot are.
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    Magic Kingdom Barbershop

    Hey! I know this sounds like a silly question but can female adults with long hair go to the barbershop to get their hair cut? And do adults go there when they don't have any children? I noticed that their hair prices are quite cheap but in all the pictures there have always been children there...
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