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  1. kmac77

    Cinderella's Royal Table Question

    Hey All, Has anyone been recently (last couple of weeks)? I know the princess' are "subject to change", but I was curious who was there (beside's Cinderella) when you ate there for dinner. Thanks. KPM
  2. kmac77

    Rapunzel & Merida wait times

    Hey All, Will be down in 3 days, and was wondering if Rapunzel still has crazy 90 minute wait times, or has it calmed down any since the last time I was there (March). Also, anyone know the average wait time for Merida? Thanks. KPM
  3. kmac77

    Question about Fitness Facilities

    Hey All, On the 22 day countdown, and had an interesting question that hopefully someone can help me with. I'm up at 5:15 a.m. each day to do the treadmill for an hour, and since we're staying at the Poly, I know that there are no fitness facilities there, but there are at the GF and the...
  4. kmac77

    GF pool refurb's impact on the Poly's Pool

    Hey All, We'll be at the Poly from the 21st to 31st of August, and we're going to be spending every other day as a "pool" day, and was wondering how much impact people think that the GF pool refurb will impact the Poly's pool during the day. I know that most people go to the parks during the...
  5. kmac77

    How does sit down dining work with a baby

    Hey All, Quick question. We are 26 days and counting to the Wilderness Lodge, and I have the DDP booked, and we have all our reservations set to go. My wife and two daughters (one of which will be 4 months old at the time) and I will be dining at character meals and other sit down...
  6. kmac77

    Akershus Royal Banquet Hall Princess Photo Op's

    Hey All, Quick question. We've been to ARBH a couple of times, and have had pictures with Belle and Aurora. My question is which of the different princess have been available for Photo ops when you first enter the restaurant? I'm assuming that Tiana and Rapunzel have never been available...
  7. kmac77

    Help me find the best princess photos/experiences

    Hey All, My daughter (and probably everyone else's out there) is obviously a huge fan of the princesses. The last time we went (June), she me every princess except Pocahontas, so here's my question. For our next trip in a month and a half, I want to see if there's other places other than...
  8. kmac77

    What attractions can a 3 month old go on?

    Hey All, On the 56 day countdown to WDW (Wilderness Lodge), and we're going to wait until the morning we leave to tell our 3-year old (who has been to WDW 7 times already) that we're going, but here's my question. We also have a 3 month old (will be 3 months old at the time), and I wanted to...
  9. kmac77

    How big will MK24 really be...Crowd Comparison?

    Hey All, Had a vacation booked before this whole "MK 24hr" announcement came along, and we're arriving on the 29th of February for a week. My question for all the experienced crowd watchers is, do you think that the 29th will be comparable in crowds to.....Value Season? Regular Season...
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