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    5 Year Anniversary Trip

    Just want to let everyone know we are starting to plan our Trip to WDW for July 2012. It will be my 5 year anniversary and my 2 DD's(1 and 4) first times. Cannot wait. Any idesa on how to build up the trip for my oldest girl? Chris :sohappy:
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    Looking for a CM

    I was in Disney world for my Honeymoon last July. We ate at the Liberty Tree Tavern and had Rory as our server. He was amazing and had the whole staff come out to see my Wifes wedding ring. (Custom made, Three diamonds in the shape of a Mickey Head.) My wife is now going back at the end...
  3. J

    Location: American Adventrue again, CM Name: Lonnie

    And here is part 2. lol The next day we were visiting Epcot in the morning to tour the countries. When we got the the American Adventure we went in and listened to the band playing for a bit then was about to enter the theatre when who steps out but Lonnie. :) He remembered us the the other...
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    Location: American Adventure, CM Name: Lonnie

    Me and My Wife were down a couple weeks ago on our honeymoon.... this is the first of many posts I will be putting up about Castmembers who made our trip magical. This is also a two parter as we saw Lonnie twice. This first time we were standing near Germany waiting for IllumiNations to...
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    Honeymoon at the World

    :sohappy: I am now under 200 days til I'm off to Disney World for my Honeymoon.. :sohappy: :sohappy: Chris
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