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    Original Disney Plans in Toronto

    I was reading that Walt Disney was planning a Disney in Toronto, Canada. He scrapped the idea due to short seasons. The idea was replaced by Canada's Wonderland owned by Cedar Fair which also owns Cedar Point, Kings Dominion, Knotts Berry Farm, and Carowinds. Canada's Wonderland was also the...
  2. devjohnson


    thanks everyone! this is very interesting
  3. devjohnson

    old key west room questions

    probably. they have like everything (cots!!!)
  4. devjohnson

    The "Golf Resort" and the "WDW Village Resort"?

    the books probably outdated or wrong or written before disney had final plans
  5. devjohnson

    Disney College Program

    when did disney have a college class lol?!??!?!?!
  6. devjohnson

    Is it possible to get the music from Wishes?

    dont they have cds at disney stores for wishes?
  7. devjohnson

    Is Disney World too expensive?

    eh could be better....but if you buy multiple days, its ALOT cheaper.
  8. devjohnson

    WDW Picture of the Day (Part 6)

    these are all great, it just takes a long time to go through them :P
  9. devjohnson

    Test Track and General Motors

    they will NOT renew it.....anyway GM is like a brand new company using the same name now. the old GM (18??-2009) is DONE!
  10. devjohnson

    Rumors that never came to be, but that would have been great

    Airport would be nice but the orlando is already too well known.
  11. devjohnson

    Cirque du Soleil® — La Nouba Disney

    i would like if they switched up the show a tad bit. when u see it once, it is then boring
  12. devjohnson

    The Land - Nestle?

    i think they are gone but there was no official statement though
  13. devjohnson

    Paradiso 37 opening.

    this is cool. it makes dd seem more adult friendly
  14. devjohnson

    COP rumor?

    i like the new idea
  15. devjohnson

    blizzard beach in the US top 5 water parks

    i can believe that. its busy like crazy
  16. devjohnson

    DVC Extravaganza!

    the new resorts make me want to join dvc. I REALLY like the bay lake tower
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