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  1. mharrington

    Why is there a time limit for editing posts in private conversations?

    Why is that we only have five minutes to edit a post in a private conversation with someone? That's not very much time at all.
  2. mharrington

    Could theme parks in California never reopen?

    With all the drama going on between the parks people and Sacramento, I can't help but think that there is a slight chance that theme parks like Disney and Universal could never reopen as they continue to wait for reopening guidelines, never mind actually reopening, period. I'm no expert in this...
  3. mharrington

    Whatever happened to Bob Iger...?

    Whatever happened to Bob Iger being on Governor Newsom's reopening team? I haven't heard much about that (not that I heard all that much to begin with) since at least the purported July 17th reopening date of Disneyland, which never happened after the spike in COVID cases. Have Iger and Newsom...
  4. mharrington

    One more time: Mickey's House of Wonders (feedback and critiques wanted)

    This is (hopefully) the last time I will have to deal with this... On numerous occasions, I have posted ideas for a Mickey dark ride in the Magic Kingdom. One of them was actually by @MANEATINGWREATH as an extension of Main Street for the Town Square Theater (Magician Mickey's Magical Madcap...
  5. mharrington

    "What do you yourself want to see?"

    On a previous thread, about a project for the Magic Kingdom that I had come up with but went nowhere (, I had argued about coming up with an idea, any idea, that would make people happy. However...
  6. mharrington

    Making Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway different at Disneyland

    If you've seen my work on the Imagineering forum, you may or may not know that my armchair Imagineering tends to be as realistic as possible. This means that my ideas are usually fitted into real parks. Because there are limited spaces in the parks, especially Disneyland, my ideas can sometimes...
  7. mharrington

    Shouldn't the toys belong to Bonnie now?

    A few months ago, Rob Plays put out a video that talks about Toy Story Land at the Studios, describing it as a toy amusement park that Andy built in his yard: More to the point, the video goes into detail on how much, theoretically, it would have cost Andy to build this park the way it is seen...
  8. mharrington

    "It will always be MGM Studios to me"

    I had watched a video on Rob Play's site about why Disney-MGM Studios was renamed to Disney's Hollywood Studios, and more importantly, why it was called Disney-MGM Studios to begin with: What really gets me is why everyone still refers to it as "MGM Studios" or even just "MGM", when the MGM...
  9. mharrington

    Donald Duck in Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway?

    I have read a lot of information pertaining to Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway, including the most recent DSNY Newscast video, which goes into detail on Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway (mostly in WDW, but also touching on Disneyland's upcoming version as well): Anyway, I've heard a lot...
  10. mharrington

    Overhaul of Goofy's Playhouse in Mickey's Toontown (open brainstorming)

    As part of a rumored refresh of all of Mickey's Toontown for Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway, I've been doing threads about how to improve the individual areas of the land. I already did one on Donald's Boat (not that it really went anywhere; no one was posting there but me)...
  11. mharrington

    Could Disney face another hostile takeover attempt?

    I've been hearing about reduced profits (though I haven't looked in the annual report) from the theme parks in particular, as well as the trend of live-action remakes of animated Disney movies. I'm sure this is liable to impact Disney stock, but are these also signs that Disney could very well...
  12. mharrington

    "The Problem With Disney Fans"

    There is definitely some truth to this video from Offhand Disney, and I have to agree with it to a degree: I agree that we sometimes forget that IPs have existed for almost as long as the Disney parks themselves have existed, for starters. However, I really have nothing to say about Star Wars...
  13. mharrington

    Question on Imagineering polls

    When you post a thread in the Imagineering forum featuring a poll, so as to determine votes, are you obligated to go with whatever the majority picks, even if the choice in question, whatever it may be, is not necessarily the one you personally prefer?
  14. mharrington

    Donald's Boat overhaul in Mickey's Toontown

    I have done many, many threads for improving Mickey's Toontown at Disneyland, especially after it has lost so much of its luster. This is kind of like those other ones, but only on one attraction... On the thread about Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway coming to Disneyland's Toontown...
  15. mharrington

    What does "ISSE" mean?

    On the thread about Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway coming to Toontown, there is one post where the posters went on a tangent discussing what to do with the rest of Toontown to improve it...
  16. mharrington

    Two ideas for a Mickey ride - How can they work together?

    On numerous occasions, I have posted ideas for a Mickey dark ride in the Magic Kingdom. One of them was actually by @MANEATINGWREATH as an extension of Main Street for the Town Square Theater (Magician Mickey's Magical Madcap Mania). The other is my own idea, augmented time and again, for...
  17. mharrington

    Paradise Park to be consumed by a Pixar expansion?

    I really didn't want to get involved in rumors of the future so soon after D23, but here I am. Maybe @marni1971 or @GiveMeTheMusic can shed some light. On Facebook, I spotted a comment about, given the myriad of Pixar attractions at the CA Adventure, one person calls it Pixarland instead. A...
  18. mharrington

    News LA Times: Engineers up failure risk for dam protecting Disneyland, dozens of Orange County cities

    I found this on the LA Times: Federal engineers are raising alarms that a “significant flood event” could compromise the spillway of Southern California’s aging Prado Dam and potentially inundate...
  19. mharrington

    Some unfinished business in Fantasyland

    WDW's Magic Kingdom's Fantasyland looks great right now, but there are still a few things that I think need to be addressed, and in this thread, they will be. Some of them I have mentioned many times before, and a few of them are brand-new ideas (or at least overhauls of preexisting ideas I...
  20. mharrington

    Mickey's Madhouse information?

    I am trying to figure out some information about an abandoned concept for a Disneyland attraction known as Mickey's Madhouse, which was to have gone in the never-built Dumbo's Circusland: However, I have precious little information to go on about Mickey's Madhouse, mainly because they give so...
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