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  1. AtlantaPhotog

    Just got my magic bands!

    We are heading to the world again in a few weeks, luckily I logged in last friday and they offered us to customize our bands if we got them in at that time. Well we did!! we received notice of shipment yesterday and first thing today.... I'm really impressed with the delivery. These...
  2. AtlantaPhotog

    9/6/12 First Day in the parks

    I will edit this later as I'm running out the door for breakfast at Khona, but yesterday we started at AK and hit up safari then everest and were out by 10 a.m. I had a business call to make so couldn't stick around. After that we went to Epcot, and we were just stunned with how minimal...
  3. AtlantaPhotog

    WDW Haunted House status and question

    I'm at the park this week, I rode the haunted mansion twice today. Two things stuck out to me 1) Leota is floating again, she wasn't in June 2012. 2) I'm not sure if I'm going crazy and never picked up on this before.. but in the graveyard room there is a black net/mesh in front of all...
  4. AtlantaPhotog

    Le Cellier reservation 9/7/12 @ 6 pm cancelling

    If anyone would like my reservation i'm going to be cancelling. party of 2
  5. AtlantaPhotog

    DTS Raglan Road

    Was going through some video and photos from my March 2012 trip... and remembered how much fun Raglan road is...
  6. AtlantaPhotog

    September 2012 trip!

    I'm new here, but plan to share tons of photos (high quality) starting next Thursday! I just checked in for 2nd trip with my gf this year (last one was her first time there). Staying at OKW
  7. AtlantaPhotog


    May or may not be a useful thread... I decided with my gf to go to WDW Sept 6- 10 about 1.5 weeks ago. I wanted to take her to le cellier but only reservation available was 4 pm on sunday. we had to cancel that and reshuffle our last day to leave earlier - i kept searching and just now after...
  8. AtlantaPhotog

    March / June 2012 Combined photos

    Here is a link to an assortment of photos I've combined from my two trips so far this year. Going against in September and looking forward to more photography. In March we stayed at the AK Lodge, in June we stayed at a villa at old key west. In september I will be staying at old key west...
  9. AtlantaPhotog

    Epcot Restaurant Pics: Le Cellier

    My Bro's bday in June of 2012, le cellier is in demand and hard to get into. we made reservations 3 months out. waiting outside unibroue maudite from chambly quebec outside of montreal... been to the brewery amazing. breads to soak up the maudite
  10. AtlantaPhotog

    Epcot Restaurant Pics: Chefs de France

    Thought I would share some photos from a nice dinner @ Chefs. I've been to WDW 2x this year and am going one more time in 2 weeks. I have had dinner @ Chefs, Cellier, Via Napoli, Sommerfest, Rose & Crown, and La Cantina. Here are some photos from the Chefs experience, which was a good meal...
  11. AtlantaPhotog


    The Maelstorm may not be the most exciting, but it is very dark and I took this video with a Canon 1D mark IV which allowed me to capture what I have not seen on any other youtube video to date.
  12. AtlantaPhotog

    Splash Mountain HD

    Took this on Sunday!
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