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    I would like my account deleted, and I would like my thread pulled from parks general...

    I would like my account deleted, and I would like my thread pulled from parks general discussions. Is there a long turn around on these requests? I do not enjoy being bullied by posters. Thanks.
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    Let it go.

    Let it go.
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    Fries and drinks... here I go complaining.

    That's probably what I'm tasting. Thanks for shedding some light.
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    Fries and drinks... here I go complaining.

    Those second ones look great!!! :)
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    Fries and drinks... here I go complaining.

    That explains it. I'm sure there are others who didn't like the ones I did. Thanks for the info.
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    Fries and drinks... here I go complaining.

    Okay, I usually really look forward to the counter service fries at Disney World. My last trip was Aug. 2014. What the heck happened? This trip they were skinny and just... not the same. Also, what is up with the fountain drinks at MK? Last year I even noticed something tasted off, like...
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    Lunch at BOG

    Actually, I didn't like it at all. My daughter picked at her grilled cheese and tomato soup, and the beef sandwich was not my thing. Actually nothing looked that great to me on the lunch menu, maybe the cheese and ham sandwich was better? My husband loved the salad he got. Looking around at...
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    Suggestions for Pop Century bed space with 4 people

    I am already looking at next years trip. We are planning for the last couple weeks of August 2016. Usually we stay at Pop and it works great with me, my husband and young daughter. However, next year we are bringing my niece and my Dad. My Dad will get his own room. My niece is 12, she will be...
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    Current Bounce Back Offer

    I was hoping for a similar offer for 2016. Staying at Pop this year in Sept. Wanted to book a bounceback for Aug.2016 at POFQ. We did this a couple years back, stayed at Pop and booked a bounceback for RiverSide. Looks like the August dates are little late for us. :(
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    Le Cellier menu question

    Thanks for the information. :) I only asked about the kids things because we were at Ohana once and we didn't know we could get her nuggets. She will be fine with the menu selections, getting more adventurous with age.
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    Le Cellier menu question

    Just booked ADR's to Le Cellier for the first time. Always wanted to try it. We are going in September. Anyways, I would love to get the fillet, but don't eat mushrooms. How are they are about substitutions? Also, can anything on the kids meal be substituted as well, is there anything like...
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    Question About Special Item Park Merchandise

    Thanks for the responses. I was hoping for a backpack. I'm looking for a new one. Guess I'll see what the offers are soon enough. We usually get something every trip: watch, towel, throw, and two tote bags.
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    2015, Pop and MNSSHP!!!

    2015, Pop and MNSSHP!!!
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    Question About Special Item Park Merchandise

    When shopping at Disney World they usually have some sort of spend x-amount of money and you can get a certain item for $20 (usually a beach towel, bag or watch). Just wondering if anyone who's been to the parks recently know what the current deals are for? Sorry I'm not sure what to call that...
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    Trip Report COMPLETED: Not even first world problems can hold us back: Live Trip Report

    Loving your TR!!!!! Can't wait to read the rest.
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    What is it about Disney that keeps you coming back year after year after year after.....

    We recently decided to go this year (we like to try to go once a year). We were to going to skip it and use the funds for cutting down trees in our backyard. We decided the trees can wait. Let's go to Disney!! I have to admit I've been feeling a tiny bit guilty and I was asking myself the same...
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    All There Is To Eat At WDW Are Burgers and Fries!!

    My first real trip (about 11 years ago), I felt like MK and HS only really had the burger/fry options. We also didn't really know about TS/QS, and we were also young and on a tight budget. I think most of the times it boiled down to being hungry and going to the first place we saw, which...
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    Epcot Trek - Escape from Winter

    This made my day, sir. Well done!
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    2016 Western Caribbean Cruise

    2016 Western Caribbean Cruise
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    Tips needed for planning a cruise for 2016, 5 day Western Caribbean

    Sorry if some of these questions have been asked already: We are planning a cruise for late 2016, 5 day Western Caribbean, leaving from Miami. (Me, DD who will be 9 and DH. We are thinking of going late November/ early Dec. How are the crowds? How is the weather? I've read that Castaway Cay...
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