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    Pre-Trip when you wish upon a star... [july 2015 pretrip report]

    Hi there - and welcome to the pretrip report -its my frist time doing on of these and i ope you enjoy it. Now to introduce myself - My name is Emily, im 16, and im from the UK. this is the 5th(i think) time ive been to disney in orlando, my last time beng in 2014 around chirstmas time and the...
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    tomorrow land desert party

    hi there - sorry if this in the wrong place but does anyone know if the desert party thing is running past the 4th of july? my family is trying to book it for later in our trip (we get to orlando on the 13th of july - but i dont know when they want to do it) but there is currently no sign of...
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    magic bands [urgent]

    can they be used at paris? going on a trip tonight and forgot to look it up but icant find it anywhere
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