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    New Mugs!

    I just saw in the webz that there are new mugs. Anyone else seen them? And, No, I don't think they are Resort specific. Sorry.
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    Fort Wilderness + Nov. + Tent + DW,DD5&DS2 = ?

    Family and I are staying at the campgrounds Nov 21 thru 24 and would like any advice you good people have to offer about staying here. This is our 6th trip in as many years. We are staying in a new tent we got and have never camped anywhere before. Just curious about what we should bring. We...
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    Fort Wilderness Camp site ?

    Family and I looked into booking a tent/partial hook up site anywhere between Nov and Dec and we came up snake eyes(couldn't find any availability). My questions: are the campsites that popular, am I that unlucky, or is the economy so bad people are looking for cheaper ways to stay(that's what...
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    News is a few days old but, I didn't see it posted any where on here. So, I thought I would. This is one of the best RPG games ever created back in the mid 90's. And, there has been a lot of fan support for it to be re released here in the states for a while. Now it is going to happen. YAY. Do...
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    Marvel City?

    Do you all think that Marvel City would be a viable replacement for DisneyQuest? Apparently they are building one in Dubai. Yes I know that as of right now, and as long a Uni wants to keep it, Marvel can not enter WDW.
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    Spa question?

    Rasul / SURIAL RITUAL CHAMBER. How much is it? Is it worth it? And anyone ever done it and have any thing to say about it? Thinking about doing this with my wife next Feb.
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    Cat 08A Disney Fantasy

    deleted by poster. sorry for the double thread. I never got any alerts on my old one. Mods delete if you want.
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    Disney Fantasy Cat 08A?

    I have a family of 4( Myself, wife, daughter4, and son2. We want to take a Disney cruise next year2014. From what I have looked up I want to stay in a Cat 08A cabin. I wouldnt mind a balcony but with two little ones I and my wife would feel safer with a large window or two. I was just wondering...
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    Rumor from a Monorail worker.

    Last Sat. I was leaving the Magic Kingdom and taking the monorail to the TTC and started a conversation with a CM at the station. I asked him what he thought about the new Monoral upgrades that will be happining soon. He looked surprised at me and asked how I knew about the expansion that was...
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    How many members on here are related I wonder? My wife is a member on here, @Cindy'sBruno. Just curious to see who else was.
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    Photopass+ ?

    My family was wanting to get this when we go in 24 days. It looks like a deal for us to upgrade due to the inclusion of the eating packages and if you get it before we go its $30 off. We are doing both Chef Mickeys and the Hoop De Doo. Also, this is the first year my DD4 Anastasia will be able...
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    RFID bracelets?

    Just a quick question. When are they likely to roll out the new bracelets? I am going in the end of Sept into Oct and would like to use these instead of traditional Key to the World cards.
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    New Monorail Narration Poll

    Just thought I would Make an official poll about the new narration. Make it more official I guess. I for one do not like it. But thats my opinion. I liked the more enthusiastic(sp?) one.
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    Star Wars Muppets

    Didnt see this in a thread search. Disney is going to sell muppet characters made up like star wars characters. They look pretty sweet to me. heres the link
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    Muppet Whatnot Workshop ?

    Sorry to bring this up again but dose anyone have any info about if or when DHS will be getting a Mupppet Whatnot Workshop? My family and I are going to the World in September and I really wanted to make my own Muppet.
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    Food order question

    My wife loves pistachios a lot. Well, Tonys Town Square has pistachio creme brulee. We have ate there before and hated it so, we do not want to waste a dinning plan credit there. Is there a way to order the dessert without a reservation sitting down at a table.
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    Where to eat?

    DW and I are taking a trip in Sep. to the World. We are taking our children who will be 3(DD) and 7 months(DS) at the time. Which restaurant would you choose? The Coral Reef or La Chefs de France. DW and I have been to both of these before. Need help we can't decide.
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    Pirates of the Caribbean ?

    Why didn't Disney make the pirate ship in the ride look like the Black Pearl? I would have been happy with a darker paint job, no need to make an exat replica.
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    Weird ?

    Why is Mickey Mouse the DJ at the MTV Video Music Awards?:shrug:
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    Goofy Candy Co.

    Sorry if this is posted somewhere else. But, Dose Disney already have or plan to open Goofy Candy Co. stores in any other cities? In Dothan(pop.~58,000) we have a Burbon Street Candy Company. So does anyone else think that one of these stores will be economicly viable(sp?) in other cities?
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