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  1. skellitterixx

    MNSSHP Questions

    Hey there! Does anyone know what special characters are coming out for MNSSHP? And their times? Preferably Tarzan or Hercules? Guardians even? :) Can't wait to go tomorrow night!
  2. skellitterixx

    Valentine's Day!

    Do the parks do anything special on Valentine's Day? :) going with my honey Friday!
  3. skellitterixx

    Tarzan/Hercules meet-and-greets?

    I know they seem very unlikely, but maybe I'm just in the wrong spot at the wrong time. Any ideas? :) Or any new character M&G's lately?
  4. skellitterixx

    "Frozen" Anna and Elsa meet and greets going away?

    I know that they're in the Norway pavilion right now, but I read somewhere that they are leaving January 4th :( I hope they aren't, I'm still under Black Out dates...
  5. skellitterixx

    Not So Scary Halloween

    My friend is really wanting me to go with him this year. I haven't been since I was little. I had a HORRIBLE time at the Villians party at hollywood. The crowds were atrocious (they had to direct us to epcots parking) I'm a passholder so I've faced crowded parks before no problem-except last...
  6. skellitterixx

    Toy Story 4? Not sure how I feel? Kinda don't want it to be true :C
  7. skellitterixx

    Meeting Jack Skellington?

    I was reading a Character blog last night, and I stumbled upon someone who met Jack Skellington and Sally last September. I know Disney doesn't really advertise such special characters until nearly the day of, but this had a pretty good turn out it seemed- few hours wait. Think it will happen...
  8. skellitterixx

    Disney 5ks?

    Anyone know of any that are coming up? :)
  9. skellitterixx

    Question from an Animation Student-

    Hey there :D So, I'm a Florida native, and I've just recently decided my major in college to be in Animation. I know it's going to be tough, but I also know that Disney and Pixar both do internships. Their internships are in California, but I was wondering about the Florida animation studio...
  10. skellitterixx

    Autographs at Star Wars Weekend.

    We saw James Arnold Taylor's 3 shows last weekend, and we are now lifelong fans to say the least! He's an amazing fella. This Sunday, he is doing a signing again around Echo Lake around 9:45, and I was wondering if they charge for autographs? Also, would my boyfriend be able to bring in a Clone...
  11. skellitterixx

    "May the Fourth Be With You" Celebration!!

    I don't know much about it, but I'm a hardcore Star Wars junkie, so either way I'll be there! :D Anyone else heading over to HWS on May Fourth?
  12. skellitterixx

    Other Hobbies?

    What are some other hobbies you guys have besides lovin' WDW? :D I'm curious! As for me, I love shooting my crossbow, riding horses, being a crafty little art major, and learning wickedly cool dance moves :D How about you?
  13. skellitterixx

    HWS getting rid of ALL the shows?

    I had a cast member tell me on Friday that HWS was getting rid of ALL THE SHOWS! Like, Beauty and the Beast, Lights,Motor,Action! and a few others. I'm praying they leave in Indiana Jones! Can someone help confirm this up? :C
  14. skellitterixx

    To Murphy in Frontierland-

    You absolutely made my day. Thank you for grabbing me, and making me go along with the dosey-do! Dancing with the crowd in front of FrontierLand was awesome! I loved that it was completely random! You were a great sport, and I cannot thank you enough. <3
  15. skellitterixx

    3 year old's first trip on Friday!!!!!

    My cousins and I are taking my younger cousin on her very first trip to Disney (Magic Kingdom) on Friday! I'm pretty much a regular at the parks (we all live in Central Fl :D), but the things I like are probably something a little girl wouldn't care for! I have an idea what direction to point...
  16. skellitterixx


    Okay guys, I have a big challenge for you! Can you guys give me a list/ tell me ALL the characters that currently are in the Orlando parks/ and where I can meet them? I'm a Disney frequent (every other weekend,or so!) and I always see the same ol' characters hanging about; but the other day, I...
  17. skellitterixx

    Disney closes LucasArts

    Is there any other geeks out there saddened by this news? :(
  18. skellitterixx

    Favorite Place to Dine at Epcot?

    My boyfriend and I are planning to take a day off, and go out for a date to see some of their spring concerts that are held at Epcot. Our only thing is, we don't go to Epcot hardly at all! (We're much more of a HWS kind of couple!). We're planning on lunch, and we've only been to China. Any...
  19. skellitterixx

    Do YOU know where these windows came from!?!!

    Hey there, everyone! I have a question for all of you that I need to be answered, because the curiousity is killing me :( My dad recently bought some old windows that are 'supposedly' from the original Magic Kingdom resturaunts, though its unspecified as to which one. Could you guys give me...
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