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    Kids meals

    We are taking our now 10 year old son to Disney. We haven't been since 2010 and he eats a lot more since then. We mostly eat at QS places and we are wondering how big the kids meals are. Are they big enough for a 10 year old with a good appetite or will we need adult meals for him? He is...
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    I used to read this forum eons ago, been away a long time. DH still reads it so he keeps up. He told me to come back when this section was added and I'm finally getting around to it! My name is Fran, live in Indiana, we go to WDW about 1/year. I do digital scrapbooking and love it. Scrapping...
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    DVDs at the parks

    We just returned from the parks and saw some DVDs that we considered buying. There was one for each park and they were $20 each, but had a box set with all 4, plus an extra DVD from Disneyland for $80. The descriptions aren't very detailed, so we wondered if anyone has gotten these DVDs and if...
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    Finally posting my trip report! :)

    This vacation was a sort of spur of the moment vacation. After seeing how much Sam loved Disney World last August, we decided to take him back for his 3rd birthday in January 2006. One morning in Feb/March of this year, Tim woke Fran up with “want to go to Disney World in May?” After reminding...
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